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Spain last two days

For some reason I thought I had a lot more pictures to share but I had forgotten that I got sick on this trip and lost two days where nothing happened. So these last pics are of Karyl-Delta's lovely budgies and of my flight home.

I'm terrible with names and faces be they people or animals. It takes me a long time to get to know some one. I don't remember who all these budgies are so please remind me in the comments. Anyway, these three are lovely. All were lovely. One thing I was amazed was by how much bigger these budgies are than American Budgies. These are about half the size of a true English budgie.

Karyl has eight budgies but I could never manage to get more than seven in one shot.

They live in the kitchen and look so pretty against those tiles. I loved the tiles.

I know this picture is dark and terrible. I had it on high shutter speed. I wanted to capture budgies in flight but they were coming out blurry and on this setting they were in perfect focus but so dark. No winning. Not sure how to fix that. I've never been able to get shutter speed to work indoors. It's great outdoors on a sunny day with wild flying birds.

I really enjoyed my flight home. I used my cheap headsets a lot and watched movies. I watched the live action Beauty and the Beast and Kingsman. Both of which I really liked. My flight arrived a few days after Hurricane Irma did its damage to the state. Luckily MIA was open again and Iberia was back in business there. More on that later. My favorite part of the flight was flying over the Bahamas. This is one of the islands. I was impressed by this small runway that is meant for small planes like Cessnas. There are no buildings there it's just and abandoned runway but planes still land there. Now that would be awesome to go there and have this tiny island all to yourself.

A pulled out shot of the island and the little runway.

This is one of my faves. This is the south Eastern tip of Free Port or Grand Bahama Island. It's made up of sand bars. I had only ever seen this on google earth and wondered if it was even real. That part of the world is such a bright blue unlike any part of the planet. I have seen pics like this taken from space and on documentaries but to have seen it for myself was truly an amazing experience. The shallow ocean just makes this one of the most unique and beautiful places in the world.

Like with the eclipse, pictures don't do this justice like seeing it for yourself.

I loved this tiny town. Can only reach it by boat. Cars had to be brought there by boat. No airport on this island.

I knew we were getting close to Miami because of the increase in shipping activity. I got three cargo ships in this photo.

One final pic of Free Port.

So I made it to Miami but my American Airlines flight to Tampa was canceled. I saw many grounded American Airline planes there. I wondered if it was because Tampa was closed but when I got to the board with all the flights all arrivals and departures were canceled to other parts of the country. WHY? That makes no sense since MIA was open for business again and other airports weren't even touched. Bad move by American Airlines to just cancel and close. Dumb and I bet they lost lots of money for no reason. Luckily I managed to book a Delta flight to Orlando from Spain the day before. I thought it was interesting I got to pick my seat and there were several seats but in just one day that plane was booked. That fight home was incredible! We flew through a thunderstorm and I got some great footage I must make into a video still. I'm so behind on photos and videos. One guy across from me I could tell was afraid. I can just pick up on that. I guess I should have been too but I was not. Just totally not afraid. I sat next to the huge engine in the back and enjoyed the incredible light show. And being that I flew over Orlando I got to see fireworks from the air that some theme park was letting off. So amazing light and fire show by nature and by man. I've never flown into Orlando so first time at that airport. Speaking of Airports. I know that they are a business and do their best to take your money at every chance you get. But the Madrid airport was terrible about this as they MAKE you go through the stores on the way to the planes. It's not like the others were the stores are to the sides and you see them and walk past them. No this one you walk THROUGH them just like a mall and what's worse they are crappy perfume stores. Do they really make money? How many shopping loving ladies fly through this airport to keep the stores in business? I didn't notice anyone in my group stop at all we were too busy running to our flights. And this was just like this scene from spongebob where you have to survive the perfume department.

I'm not a typical girl so this kind of thing just annoys me but thinking about Spongebob and Patrick running for their lives and gagging got me through and just amused me.

Lastly this was a common sight when I got back for about a week.

Huge fleets of these trucks, more than this pic were on the roads restoring power to the town. This one was near my old college.

So I did have a great time on my trip despite getting sick. The hurricane made this a bigger adventure than it was. I'm thankful we had minimal damage and all turned out well. I had forgotten how much I loved flying and I really want to do it again. I think I handle long haul flights well. I think I could do a really long flight with no probs like to Australia. I was still sick when I got back and it took me two days to get over jet lag which hit me harder coming home. I adjusted well when I got to Europe just like last time but coming home was harder. I was so dead and went straight to bed. Good thing Chris picked me up because I would not have been able to drive. I'm glad I didn't get stranded in Miami too. It all worked out beautifully and I'm ready for my next adventure.
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