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So I have been very busy mostly with gaming. I'm thrilled that last night I technically beat the game finally. Dragon's Dogma is weird because when you beat the main boss the dragon Grigori the game is not over. You go into post game which your world turned into a hellish place with new much more difficult enemies. You beat that then the game is over and you can start over in new game plus. So now I'm in post game and I won't be spending too much time in it. I may speed the game along so I can start new game plus and get the cinemas I missed the first time around. The reason I missed them was because I didn't have the right gear and outfits for the look in some of them. I want Fear to be in his proper outfit with his right weapon and same for George. Though George comes out pretty much wearing his final outfit anyway. Though I saved the ones from the old playstation my new pro records in much higher quality so I want to do the early stuff over and do it right. I also can't take nice screen caps now because I like doing those on perfectly sunny days with lovely blue skies. Not happening in the constantly ash raining weather of post game where you can't even tell if it's day or night. It's like a volcano erupted. Another thing is you can't gift the weapons and armor from the everfall you find in post game so I have no reason to farm chests since I can't give them away like you used to. One of the few things I really hate about this game. There are very few weapons I want for myself so I won't be doing this much longer and am looking forward to restarting and finally editing a video so you guys can see what this has been about.

The TV we had been looking into went down in price finally. Chris and I went to Best Buy after work last night and picked it up. It was very exciting and I enjoyed looking at all the awesome tech in the store while they went to get the TV and the stand for us out of the back. But we ran into a problem we hadn't foreseen. We thought we could just lay the box down in the bed of the truck. But the guy told us no. That would damage the screen and that TV's are stored upright. We had no way to tie it down and it would not fit in the cab. So the only option was for me to ride in the back with it and hold it up. I told Chris this would be fine. I could do it and it would be easier than the time I did it when we took all the birds to the sitter. So Chris took the slowest roads home. I actually enjoyed riding in the back. The winds were rough on some parts of the ride but I got to see a beautiful sunset, see birds flying home to roost and hear some very lovely bird sounds on the way home. I was very happy and glad I lead a very interesting life. What fun. But when we got home it was too late to do anything and I still wanted to play and use my old TV. If we had worked to install it last night we'd be up all night and dead today. So I told Chris we could hold off til today. So later today we will take down the furniture and the old TV and see about putting the new one up. I hope there won't be any trouble with the mount and all will fit well. We got a Vizio M55-E0. It looked amazing in the store. I also ordered a Google Home Mini to go with this. It should arrive tomorrow. I can't wait for that. I got the exclusive coral color. I didn't care for the grey or the charcoal. Those were boring to me. I wish they had turquoise but this was better than the alternatives. It kind of makes me think of pumpkins. Who knows, perhaps they'll provide skins for it later like they did with the larger google home.

Tonight will be cold and I need to bring in some of my plants. Luckily not all of them but some will have to come in. I got an email that some of my preorder plants have shipped so that will be great to get new nepenthes as well. It's a shame so many new plants are being stocked by vendors now but it's in winter basically so for me they can't do much growing for the next few months and there's way less light now.
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