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I forgot to mention we had a time change on the 5th. Fall backwards. This used to be the easy one for me when I was in high school because I used to sleep in a lot back then and had a hard time getting up. But even then I never liked how the days were shorter. Too much darkness and sunset comes too soon. I love using my Terra Time app and each day is about a minute and twenty seconds shorter than the previous. I'm looking forward to the solstice in Dec so I can start counting the seconds added to the day instead. Sun sets are around 5:30 now which is just wrong. I wish they time didn't change. I wish it just stayed on the previous schedule. I have had a hard time adjusting to it.

The gaming is going great. I have at last finished with my three pawns and am now focusing on my main game with Schuyler and George. So I hire Ophidius and Owen to join me on that game. Still need to back up the old playstation. I've been bad about that. Then I can finally show you guys pics of what this is all about.

The other day Chris and I found a new restaurant we like. We're really very sick of everything in town and in the area. Ruby Tuesdays is not what they used to be and they keep taking good things off the menu which I have not been pleased about. It all started when they got rid of the red velvet cupcakes and it's been down hill since then with one good item after another going. Like this one chicken meal. With my change in diet after my surgery it's hard to find things I can eat and I LIKE to eat. But this place is called Saigon Cafe. I was in the mood for something totally different and well this place delivered. I'll go into more detail when I post pics. I need to post pics and catch up on that too.

The ceiling fan light in the game room has not worked in a long time. So we went out and bought some LED lights to replace them. We just want to get rid of all the ceiling fans as we just don't use them anyway. Well what should have been a simple thing turned out way more complex. Of course that's life. So annoying. After buying the two round lights I realized we could hook them up but would not be able to use them because the switch on the wall doesn't go to the ceiling but to an outlet. That's something and electrician would have to rewire. So we called one up and I just showed him all the things that were wrong. The disco lights in the kitchen we haven't used in age because of the crazy flashing. The outlets in the bathrooms that were not working and the three rooms we want new lights in. Well the bill was high so I only opted for some of those things. We fixed the outlets and the kitchen. I LOVE the kitchen now with the LED lights. It's so bright and white in there. It's so darn nice. I can have indoor plants in there again. He even mentioned the plants would like the new lights. Awesome. I love that though LED are more expensive they last up to ten years so you aren't replacing bulbs every few months. He installed a surge protector on our switch box and put one of the lights in the garage. But the main issue is our game room is still in total darkness. Later on we'll have that fixed as all the bedrooms stupidly have the switch going to an outlet and not the ceiling fixture. We'll work something out. The bill was still hefty though and I have to rebuild my funds now. So much for upgrading to a new TV soon. That will have to wait. I will also hold off on the smart speakers for a while. I think I will go with Google Home Mini first in coral and then get Alexa since they seem specialized for different things. I think Alexa is more suited for the smart light bulbs while Google is more for entertainment systems since many TV's come with google already built in.

But after that I didn't get much accomplished. I wasn't feeling well. I got chilled standing in front of the AC unit too long, I had back pain and my firbro started acting up badly and I had a bad headache. It was a lovely 86 degrees outside but I was thinking about putting on winter clothes I felt so bad. I ended up taking a hot shower which helped but the there stuff still was there so I didn't game or do much of any of the other stuff I had planned. I'm still not feeling good this morning. Still have the headache but hope that will pass soon. Other than that the day was very good and I'm glad to finally have had some of these repairs done.
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