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08 November 2017 @ 07:25 am
Gaming Still  
Still at it with Dragon's Dogma. It's going very well though I haven't started officially yet on my main account. I'm still leveling Schuyler pawn because he did not have enough health and stamina. Only five more levels to go with him on that though he's 65 so it will be a while still. I do hope to get to 70 and be done with him. Ophidius pawn is hilarious and with him he's basically done. I just have to finish getting his outfit dragon forged which takes a long time because the drake only spawns ever 10 days after you kill him. Owen is done thank goodness. Once the other two are done then I can FINALLY play my main gain with Schuyler and George. Chris is about to beat the game a third time and I haven't beaten it once yet. Sigh.

I've been bad about not sorting out the old playstation. Perhaps today since it's Chris's turn to play the game. I can back up my old games and get that console squared away. I'm excited about teching out our home too. I had been looking into some new speakers but then realized I'd need all these things to make them work with out TVs and bluray/dvd players. I realized I need to not be looking into speakers yet. I think it's time we updated our TVs. My ps4 plays 4k games so it would be nice to use those features. I love our TV's. They are great still despite being only 1080 but sadly they aren't keeping up with our other newer devices like our headsets and such. So we're researching 4k right now. I love watching review videos. Also I'm looking into the smart home speakers and trying to decide between google home mini or Amazon echo. I kind of like the Amazon Echo but it seems the way things are going google is going to win out because they are compatible with way more things. Most TV's mention they work with google and not Amazon. I do mostly want it for turning on the TV and lights in our game rooms. So I'm still undecided on that as well though leaning towards the google just because they seem to have more things that will work with them. This reminds me of the whole beta vs vhs and vhs won out. I think this is a similar turning point. I found out you can switch the google to a male voice which is a nice feature too though he sounds a bit wussy. I like the idea of having a room with a computer I can talk to like on TNG's Enterprise. I so love our tech in this day and age. I think we are living in the future now.
Calzephyrcalzephyr77 on November 10th, 2017 04:56 am (UTC)
Our friends have a Google Home and they love it. They use it to set timers for cooking a lot and once we played a trivia game with it. Eventually we'll have a home of the future :-D

Our TV is positively ancient now. My FIL bought it in a Thanksgiving door crasher sale about ten years ago. We'll keep it as long as it runs!
Desthagirion on November 10th, 2017 11:32 am (UTC)
I'm starting to like Google Home a lot. I want to get the mini in coral. But I think google and Alexa do different things best. Like Google would be good for the TV and entertainments stuff while Alexa would be more suited for turning lights on and off. They aren't that expensive so eventually I may just get one of each. It's the systems they run that are expensive, the lights and the tv's.

Our TV's are about that age too I think. We had some repairs yesterday so a new TV will have to wait now.