Des (thagirion) wrote,

A Great Month

Late Happy Halloween everyone! Well I didn't do anything for Halloween yesterday unfortunately, but that's ok. This year I focused mostly on Chris's birthday and I'm thrilled to have gotten him so much stuff this year. I'm only waiting on one more gift to arrive, but I can finally talk about the rest. The main one was his awesome Sony WH-1000xm2. I also got him a neat head shaped earphone stand, Far Cry Primal for PS4, a new clear controller and some stickers for his old controller. I think that's everything. He was very happy. OH and a cool green wireless doorbell for when he's using the headphones but I need him and I'm in the other room. I don't have to yell. I just push the button. It's not that he'll hear it but it lights up so he sees that and knows I need him. Though it does have 52 sounds and we have it set to the Overature of 1812 which is funny in chimes. Kind of an 8 bit sound.

I've joined the Sony website and register my products there. I think it's funny that most of the pics are wrong when I register. One of the headphones came up as a USB stick or something. WTF? I hope they figure that out and fix it. Alex managed to fix my old PS4 which is just wonderful. I need to get the screen shots backed up that are on that. And I'm thrilled that Sony sent me a $10 credit to use towards a future purchase. That was very cool of them. I'm guessing it's from all the stuff I have bought lately.

It's always cold on Halloween here kind of like it always rains on the 4th of July. I had to bring in the plants but look forward to putting them outside today. They belong outside. Bullet is doing good. She's been playing in her wheel when I let her out which is nice. Always funny to see a budgie in a wheel. I'm glad she's her normal feisty self.
Tags: birthday
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