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Terror in the Lost World

I just finished. This took me two days which is normal for an "easy" drawing in full color. I'm quite happy with this and like the wingless version much better.

So Scary Fear is now very close to Mt. Roraima in South America Venezuela. He's looking forward to exploring the summit and the strange plants and animals that live up there. This is the mountain that the original Lost World is based on where they go up and find the dinosaurs and bring back the sauropod to London. Now as I have mentioned Fear can dismiss his wings but it's something he would rarely ever do but this pose is so nice for him. I would love to go to this mountain one day so his happiness here is my desire to be there.

And here is the winged version. The wings look ok but yeah it just covers him. And they turned out more like budgie wings which I'm not too happy about but making them even bulkier as raven wings would cover him even more. So yeah I just don't think this one is as good.

I got some new plants shipped to me recently. All nepenthes. N. raffelesiana squat, N. eustachya, N. raffelesiana x sibuyanensis. I was going to put in a large order for a few more since all the stores just got some amazing shipments in. And I have discovered some new stores with great quality and prices. BUT it was time to renew the website so I ended up paying for 3 years of hosting and on top 1 year for the domains. It was expensive. More than I had planned for my budget. So I can't buy anything and of course this is when I want stuff that's kind of high end. I hate renewing the website each year. The first time I got it I paid for three years which was nice to not have to worry about payments for such a long time. I need to rebuild the whole thing anyway and I'm moving from my .org to the .com. I'm not even sure how I want to lay out the site or what it will be about other than my art and stories.

I had been looking into buying some nice new headphones too. That's definitely on hold now since that's expensive too. But here's what I have it narrowed down to.

Sony SB950BT in blue

Now I tried these out in Best Buy and like how they feel. They are comfortable and they sound pretty good. See I liked the cheap white ones I took on my trip but felt they could have done better. The sound wasn't as loud as it should have been on a plane and these have noise canceling which will help if I ever do more plane travel. Though the sound problem was more with my tablet I think since I watched movies on the plant's monitor and it was better. Still those are $15 headphones but still good. My next choice is

Sony h.ear on MDR100ABN in Viridian Blue.

I LOVE the color of these. These have great reviews. BUT the only thing these weren't in the stores. Headphones are something you have to try yourself. Chris showed me the high end ones he likes and they were heavy and too big for me. These are more expensive and I'd love to get them but am afraid that if I order them sight unseen that when I try them on they will be heavy or will not be comfortable for my little ears. I wish I could try these in person somewhere first. Otherwise I may go with the 950BT's.

Well after the website fiasco I can't do anything so there we are.
Tags: neat stuff, nepenthes, scary fear
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