Des (thagirion) wrote,

Spain Day 3

This day I saw lots of birds and had some very yummy food.

This is a Wood Pigeon. I first saw one of these in the city. One had landed on a chimney. I was amazed how huge these are. Bigger than the common Rock Dove. Was hard to get a decent pic but finally got this one. Was hoping to get an adult showing the white collar and the white wings. You can kind of see the white on the wings here.

This is a white wagtail. They act a lot like our Northern Mocking birds being very aggressive and fighting with each other.

I think this is a spotted flycatcher but I am unsure. It's not clear in my book.

Juvenile blackbird getting adult plumage. This is actually a member of the thrush family related to our robins and bluebirds.

I think this is a Willow Warbler but also unsure. All these birds were seen in a park in the city. More of a play ground with gardens than a real park.

This is a nice salmon bread thing I had that day. These are meals you get when you order a drink called Tapas. You get a choice of many different things.

This is another Tapas. It's squid and it's probably the best squid I have ever had. It was so savory and good. I hate how squid in America is breaded. Why can't they make it like this?

I was first introduced to this on the plane. It's lemon Fanta or carbonated lemonade. This is what I mostly drank as far as soda. It wasn't bad since the orange one is no good over there. I love the half size of this cute can.

Tags: spain, travel
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