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Spain Day 2

Lots of pics this time.

A little back tracking. I found these outlets by one of the restrooms in Miami Airport. I was so glad because there are official charging stations in the terminals but they are always full with people waiting in line to charge their phones and tablets. No one was using these so I hung out here for about 20 minutes with my phone before going to wait for my plane.

I forgot the name of this town but we went here in search of white storks. There weren't any unfortunately but you can see a nest on the tower.

This looked like some kind of town hall. Notice the stork nests on top.

No the way to the town of Manzanares. I always enjoy seeing mountains because I'm not used to them being a flat lander.

Entrances to Parque Regional de la Cuenca. A park in the mountains.

Black stork. Never saw a white one but these I think are more rare so awesome to see it.

Black berries on the way to a lake. I ate a few despite the nasty thorns.

There were many dried thistles.

A mountain in the distance from this lake. I like it because it kind of looks like a volcano.

I liked these houses on the cliff.

Black Headed Gull in winter plumage. This bird was hard to ID but now I have confirmed this is what it is. Another lifer. This whole trip was basically gaining new life list birds.

Great crested grebe.

Little Egret.

I liked that the rain gutters were dragon heads.

More stork nests on a tower, but no one was home.

My Scary boy at Castillo Manzanares.

The four towers of Madrid. I know it looks like three. One is in front of another.

A magpie in a tree.

This day was great. I loved the Manzanares area and saw so many new birds. I saw a total of 12 new lifers on this trip which is my record yet. This is also the day I got sick when I got home. I started feeling bad and had a mild sore throat that only got worse. I suspect I picked up something on the plane.

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