Des (thagirion) wrote,

Day in Miami

Here are a few pics I took Sept 5th, the day Chris and I stayed in Miami before heading out to Spain the next day.

This was a neat building in the Brickle area. I like the round windows.

I was thrilled to find there were city chickens in downtown Miami.

This was the Hard Rock Cafe on the marina.

Some of the construction going on. I heard some of these cranes fell during the hurricane. I don't know which buildings though as there was lots of construction and many of these around.

Downtown from the water.

This was the mouth of the Miami river.

This was the view from the Aloft hotel from our balcony.

We were close to this fire station so we always heard sirens going off. I did a google maps search and found out they had a patriotic chicken statue so I had to go down there and check it out.

I'm glad we walked over to get pics of this cute chicken.

Tags: miami, spain, travel
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