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New backpack and working on Fear

Things are going well here. I have been talking to Karyl-delta through email a lot and that has been fun. I went out today to the bank and then after that I went to Target and picked up some cheap Sony headphones to travel with. They are white and very nice. I think they'll do the job for me listening to music or watching my movies on the plane. I hope the new backpack I got will do well for me on this trip. So yesterday Chris took me to Tampa Bay Outfitters and I picked up a blue Osprey Farpoint 40 backpack. They only had size m/L but I think it will be ok. I tried it on and it felt fine. I love that I can carry it like a suitcase too and it has a strap for a shoulder bag option so I can keep changing around. I will do a practice pack because I'm not sure how this will work out for me. I'm trying to get better at packing light and almost going minimalist when I do. My electronics and meds keep me from fully being able to do that. My camera isn't a DSLR but it's still rather big. I need the big lens for bird photography and I travel mostly to bird watch so there.

Here's my new backpack. The 40 stands for 40 liters. BTW that's my petrie dish of giant microbes the Brain Eating Amoebas.

Here are my new Sony Headsets. They work on the cellphone. Now I have to test them on the tablet which is what I'll mostly be using them with.

I think I will put budgie stickers on these. Too bad they didn't come in turquoise but black and white were the only choices. This was the last white actually so I'm glad I got them.

I've started work on Scary Fear's plush again and made decent progress today. I got his nose sewn on.

I have since fixed the angle of his nose. It looks pretty cool. I'm not sure how I'm going to make the teeth. Would be easy to make his mouth with no teeth but then he wouldn't be Scary Fear. I have a few ideas but not looking forward to any of it really. I've also started on his eyes and that's going better. His head will be the hardest thing about him. Gosh I hope I can finish him before I leave.

Do any of you watch Kabuldur here on LJ? I'm very worried about her. I haven't heard from her in 3 weeks. I'm very worried.

And lastly I've been ripping movies for my tablet. Today I did the first two Planet of the Apes. Rise and Dawn. I hope that War will come to DVD soon so I can have the trilogy. I'm not sure when it will be released. I just looked it up. Oct 24. That's a long way aways still.

Chris introduced me to a movie called Death Note. It's on Netflix right now and I really enjoyed it. The premis of the film is that there is a death demon that gives a book, the death note, to an individual and they can write the name of people in it they want to kill and how they want them to die provided they know what they look like and their name. But what I really liked about this film is the demon reminds me of Pyranax, though he's much bigger. So much to the point that I am thrilled to say I have at last found a voice for Pyranax. You can here him talk here.

I like how calm yet eerie the voice is. It's clear and easy to understand and that's what I wanted for Pyranax. I never wanted him to sound like you think he would based on his appearance. He sounds rather normal for an imp. No squeeky voice you'd expect from a creature with such a name.
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