Des (thagirion) wrote,

A budgie day

Today's been pretty budgie themed for me. I took Bullet to the vet today again. She said the gram stain is better than before so that's very good news. Bullet is improving. Her weight is better but she's still a bit fat. Hum, I thought she was back to normal finally. She does make vomiting motions with her neck but nothing comes out. It's not love regurgitation as she does it when touched too. The vet said it could be a growth in her throat or a growth in her belly. For now I haven't decided what to do as at the moment I can't do much. But later I do plan to have her checked out. Otherwise she's good. And then I spoiled her and bought her some new perches and seed dispensers at the pet store. And the vet said she loves the Mad Cow Prion microbe I gave her last time. I'm glad she liked it.
Tags: bullet
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