Des (thagirion) wrote,

Yesterday was nice

Yesterday was a very good day. Chris and I did our chores and errands then we had breakfast at Subway. I had a chicken sandwich but I think it did not agree with me because I got a few tummy cramps right after eating it as we headed back to the truck. But then it stopped. We got supplies for the new Fear plush. I found the Parakeet Blue thread so that was cool. I hope I can start on him today. I mean actually start to tread the pieces I've cut out. After that we went to Pet Supermarket and got some things for Bullet. We got her a new perch, pellets, a chew toy and a cage skirt for the travel cage. It's not even her birthday and she got all these nice new things haha. We also got some mice and fed our snake.

Chris got me the movie A Stork's Journey. It's a cartoon about a sparrow raised by European white storks. But when it comes time to migrate to Africa he gets left behind because he can't made the long trip and he thinks he's a stork. It was good. I enjoyed it. I liked Adventures in Zambezia better as far as bird cartoons go and that short one on youtube with Prima is probably my all time fave cartoon bird movie. But it wasn't a bad movie and worth the $10 I think. There was a budgie in it that had a big roll. He was colored beautifully but was rather ugly in design. But finally nice to see a budgie main character. BUT they got his feet wrong. The other birds had accurate feet.

We went to Red Lobster again but this time with the notion of doing that dessert date we always talked about. I had a soup and Chris had stuffed mushrooms. Then we shared the Vanilla Bean Cheese Cake. I was mostly interested in the vanilla part of it and that was good. It came with strawberried. It was a very funny date because we had a spoon sword fight and with one move Chris did he put cake on my spoon and instead of attacking back I ate it. Then after that I had my spoon on the plate but was holding it. He was scooping some crust and accidentally scooped it on my spoon and I picked it up and also ate. "HEY!" He goes. "Hey, you GAVE it to me. What did you think would happen." We were laughing so hard about this and he said he felt like Po from Kung Fu Panda and I was Master Sifu. Actually this is the second time something like this has happened while we eat where he's Po and I'm Sifu. Then we were quoting the movie.
"You are Free to Eat."
"Am I? AM I?"
Funniest date we've had in a while. We always have a great time.

Then we gamed for a bit. I bought the remastered GTA San Andreas for my PS4. I might start playing it soon. I also started to play Plague Inc Evolved again. My gosh that Shadow Plague level is kicking my butt. I can't beat it. I come very close but then the cure destroys everything I have done. I'm not sure what to do. I came the closest to beating it last night and I have it on the easiest difficulty. WTF? There must be one tiny thing I'm doing wrong. Of course I can't add any genes because you can't have any until you beat it once and then you're stuck in the problem that you can't beat it so you can't get the genes. I want to beat this first before I go back and replay the other levels. There aren't any good tutorials on youtube like for the others. When the shortest ones are a half hour long you know there's a problem. So after that aggravation I watched Chris play Vice City some more.

Unfortunately at the end of the day that tummy ache returned and I was in a lot of pain and lost sleep. I'm ok now but tired and got up late because of it. It's cloudy today so it will be nice to just take some time to rest and take it easy today.
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