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Day Trip

Well tomorrow I'm looking forward to meeting Peregrinefalconlady. This is basically a day trip for me so I feel like I am going on vacation again. I have never driven to Orlando before and going through the back roads because I don't want to get on I4. It's terrible no matter the time of day. The weather has been typical of late summer. Lots of rain. I hope we can do Gatorland but if not I have some back up plans to do indoor stuff. There is a small aquarium and a skeleton museum that will be cool as a second choice. But I'd really take her to Gatorland and show her some natural Florida. It's annoying so many northerners thing Florida is just Disney and theme parks when we locals and natives don't even think about that stuff. I am a bit nervous about driving in this big city that's kind of crazy but at least it's a familiar big city in my own state. I'm bringing my drawing pad, my laptop and my drawing tablet as well as Scary Fear. I am excited and looking forward to this.

Speaking of Scary Fear plush. Today Chris took me to Jo Ann Fabircs and I went to pick up the material for Fear's skin since I had bought the wrong stuff before. I was shown the right thing that's furry but they didn't have it in black. Darn it just my luck. But I realized something the back side of this stuff was just like the "panty hose" like material that made his body. I showed a sample of that to them and how the other side had cotton and no one could ID what it was. But then I thought it must be the same furry stuff that makes his skin just that whoever made this shaved it and put it inside out so he'd have a smooth body. So I bought some white furry stuff and will do the same thing to make his legs with. I then found some tough similar black fabric on its own and bought some as well. I'm going to experiment because I've never been a fan of furry plush toys that what they represent aren't furry things. Like dinosaurs and reptiles. Fear's skin isn't furry. It's quite smooth actually since he's a cell. I'm thinking of making his head and hands out of this stuff. If it's durable I may scrap the whole furry fabric thing with him. When I was a kid many plush toys were made of cotton and were smooth. You don't see that anymore and I prefer those because they don't shed and feel cool to the touch. Why should I make things based on the trends. I've always done my own thing anyway so we'll see how this goes. I wish I could find more of this fabric in other colors than black so I could make his green mouth and yellow teeth. Well those will be cotton then.

Because it's been raining so much it's been a much nicer cooler day. I love that as it's a nice break. I'm not looking forward to the sun coming out because once the sun returns it will be like soup out there. The construction has made a mess of our road and driveway. It's hard getting in and out but it's not so bad. I have a Jeep so I can get over it.

Artistically I feel a bit lost after having finished writing that outline. I guess I should start writing Flight of Fire for real then because that's what I'm channeling. I'm definitely on a Doom kick. I'm impatiently awaiting my board game.

I think LJ has changed something. I first noticed I was having a hard time highlighting text when reading AudeS's story. I highlight sections of big text so I don't lose my place. But it wouldn't let me do it or only sections near what I was highlighting. I thought it was his journal but then it started happening when I was reading posts through my friends page in my own journal style. So LJ is doing something stupid and new or it may even be my Firefox.
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