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Budgies Eclipse and Stuff

So yesterday I had a very nice time with Chris. We went out to a park and took some photos. We saw a huge female black racer. She was so pretty and came so close to us. She could have slithered over my foot. I couldn't move because I didn't want to scare her. But it was so hot we came home for a bit. Then we went out for a date and had dinner at Red Lobster. We split the Ultimate Feast like usual. I got the crab legs and Chris got everything else which I think was shrimp, lobster, broccoli I don't remember what else. Oh man that crab is so delicious. Excellent meal. As always we did not make it to desert. I think we need to go there one day just as a desert date and try the key lime pie.

Then we went to a game store in a near by mall. They had a bunch of really cool Godzilla figures. Wish I could afford them. They are high end but also huge. Not sure what I'd do with them all if I even got them for free. Then we went to Toys R Us. I was hoping to find some Planet of the Apes figures but I don't think they'll make any for this new movie. I'll have to try to track down the old ones. Caesar and Koba are pretty common on Ebay. The rest have become rare and over priced like Luca and Maurice. I wish they'd make a figure for Rocket. I love how he started off as a jerk jock you just hate but became Caesar's most loyal ape. I love how the writers just toyed with your emotions on that. I really did hate him but over the three movies once he became smart and Caesar freed him what an amazing change. We did find an awesome Dunkelosteous figure by schlech that we picked up. No Jurassic World stuff anymore but well the new movie comes out next year so hope that will be neat.

Today is another great date this month. 7/27/17. Look at all the sevens again. Very cool. I'm still quite excited about the eclipse. I ordered some filter paper and I will try to make my own filters for my cameras. I need to take a camera inventory and figure out what cameras I will use for videos, for photos and for around the parking lot. I have no idea yet and need to come up with a plan for it. I got tired of trying to find videos of the science of what to expect. There are a lot of those. It hadn't occurred to me to look up videos that people have filmed of the eclipses from the past. Once I started doing that I found this really cool one filmed from a ship.

This eclipse happened North of New Zealand Nov 14, 2012 on Celebrity Millennium. My gosh what an amazing thing to see an eclipse at sea on a cruise ship. I had not thought of that. Would be amazing and perhaps something to plan for the next one. Some people chase down eclipses every year around the world. Would be a neat thing. I have never sailed with Celebrity cruises but it looks like an adults only ship. All these people are much older than I am so it might be a bit weird as it may be TOO quiet. It's kind of like our neighborhood. We didn't know we moved into a snowbird/retirement town. Haha we're so young compared to everyone else here. I think it would be the same on a ship like this but might be nice to try it once.

Bullet has gotten fat. She's basically lost her flying abilities. She doesn't fly to me when I do dishes anymore. So today I had the idea to take her to the sink. Sure enough she bathed in my hands when I cupped them. It's been a long time and she was soaked. Now she's all clean.

I dreamt about Owen. Ah my jerk cocky boy. He refuses to let me forget him. Well this was definitely a dream because I dreamt that Cope was there and I guess they were friends which is totally not the case in my story as they are mortal enemies and hate each other. This dream was like watching a movie. I was neither character. The camera was from Cope's point of view and he was freaking out about something having gone wrong. He picked up the phone on the wall and called Owen.
"Owen, oh gosh y-you have t-to help me. Please I a-am in serious t-trouble."
"What?" Owen said. You could hear him through the phone as a muffled voice but not see him as the camera stayed with Cope the whole time. "Hey I'm out of town I'm at a party." He said happily.
"Please I need your help. Can you..." Cope begged but was soon cut off.
"No sorry man. Wish I could. I'm getting promoted today and I'm very busy. Call me back later." He said and hung up.
"What no wait don't..." But Owen was gone. Cope sounded so desperate. I have no idea what was going on or what was wrong with him but to me this dream was just so funny because I picked up more on Owen's energy than on Cope's. My mind fed off Owen's happiness and pride than on Cope's misery for whatever had happened.
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