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Leardership and Language

The time I have spent with Chris today as made this a good day. He's downloaded Vice City for PS4. It's kind of inspiring me to possibly make some funny art of it. We'll see. I have always loved watching him play that game because Vice City is Miami and I love seeing my own state. He's been playing it since it was new on PS2. But I don't think it's a game I could ever play or have the patience for despite liking the character and story. Tommy Versettii is cool. He's brave and takes charge. But I got into GTA with the next game. San Andreas. That's also available now for PS4 and I might get that one. I spent hours in that and though I am not a fan of California and hip hop themes for some reason I took to that game way better and spent hours on it and beat it. Watching Vice City makes me want to go to Miami again.

A new store opened here a few days ago called Rural King. I thought it would be another tractor supply but we went today and I was amazed. Bad idea to go on a Sunday as it was packed but I will definitely go back on a weekday when it's not so busy and browse. They have way more stuff than tractor supply does. They have an auto section and I found a few things for my Jeep. Chris got himself some stuff like a cool new green and black knife and some new LED flashlights. They sell guns and ammo too which was very cool. And they had a nice gardening department too. But the thing I'm most excited about is they had a very cool chicken coop. I'm still building mine but this is way better than anything I could build. It's expensive but I think I will get this very soon as my girls need a place so they can be outside all the time. It will be worth it in the end I think for how long it will last and how much better it will be for my hens. It comes in red though. I'm not a fan of the country barn look. I will repaint it multipastel colors because my chickens aren't country girls. They're beach girls. Haha. It's also way more room than my four chickens need so that will be good for them.

Ok time to share two interesting videos I found. First one is about things Bilingual people do. I do all of these things but one, and that one thing I have taken advantage of.

1. Talk about people in secret. Hell yes. In fact Chris and I have thought about learning Klingon so it's highly unlikely anyone would understand what we are saying.

2. Evesdrop. Oh Hell yes. I do this all the time with Spanish Speakers. Actually this exact scenario happened at a Chinese supermarket to us. We were standing in line to pay for some gourd drinks and I was my usual happy self about having found these cute cans. The cashier a guy and a girl started talking about us in Chinese rudely. We said nothing and I continued to smile and go on about my new drinks. Once we paid the guys goes, Bye. And Chris said "Thank you good bye" in Chinese. Everyone gasped so hard and started freaking out and freezing. "Do you speak Chinese? Do you speak Chinese." They kept saying so embarrassed. We just waved and left. OMG we totally owned them that day.

3. Words that are hard to translate. I have this problem when I talk to Karyl. I just say it in English if I don't feel like looking it up or explaining.

4. Phrases that don't translate. Yes I mostly have this problem again with English to Spanish. I had a hard time explaining the other day the meaning of "Kicks Butt." It's not an insult. Don't take it literally. It means something is cool or awesome but I had to go into the origin and explain how this came to be that when someone kicks butt they dominated or won a fight easily so this is shortened to Kicks Butt which is a positive phrase. Not the same as Ass Kicking.

5. Teaching your language. I don't teach people wrong words though. I'm not a practical joker.

6. Switch Languages Mid sentence. I never thought about how this sounds to another person that isn't bilingual. Here in Florida Spanglish is a third language. Hence see number 3 this is the same as that. Don't know how to say or translate something, say it in the other language and then continue talking in the first.

7. Not Satisfied by Subtitles. YES!! I hate it when things are translated wrong. I prefer subtitles over dubbing though because they totally say wrong things that way and subtitles usually are more accurate. I'm extremely critical of movies improperly translated. Like in Spanish they didn't translate She-ra's phrase "For the honor of greyskull." They were lazy and kept it "By the power of Greyskull." Which is what He-man says and I HATE this ever since I was like 11. I hate the Spanish dubbed She-ra. Never will forgive that.

8. Instant connection with native language. I do not do this at all. Probably because I'm a thinking type. I don't connect with people just because they speak my language. This actually stems for foreigners living in another country where they had to learn the country's primary language so when they hear their native tongue they think others feel the same. Well it's true most of the time except for people like me. I do take advantage of it when I hear people talking in Spanish. It's amazing how they open up. The last time this happened was my first visit with ACTipton. I need to get some cash but didn't know where there was an ATM on the college. So I saw a groundskeeper and knew he was Spanish. Even fewer Spanish speakers in NC so I went up to him and started talking in Spanish. Instant ice breaker. He was super friendly at that point and even WALKED us across campus to the ATM. Just as I had planned. Perfect.

9. Speaking an expressive language. I've never had this happen. Probably because I'm a thinking type and an introvert so I'm just not expressive or emotional unless I'm talking about one of my passions and then it takes a lot for me to even open up to someone to get me to be passionate about what I'm talking about.

The second video is about being an alpha or a leader.

I liked this video and could relate to it. I do have good leadership qualities and take care of my own for sure. I had never thought of it but the role of the alpha is to defend the group. That is the ultimate reason to hang with them. I can relate and have done this. I have no problem standing up for my friends. Online I'm always the first to get blocked for it. I have earned the title of "ringleader" many times. I wear it proudly. I have done this in real life too and stood up for friends and family. Once even a pathetic guy I was dating. I stood up to a violent sounding angry guy. I was then annoyed with my guy at the time because he should have defended me and he was almost hiding behind a chair. Sigh but I was also proud of myself. I definitely love and take care of my own. Since I'm on a Planet of the Apes kick I could really see this with Cesare whom I also relate to since he's an INTJ leader. In the first movie he could have just gotten out by himself once he got the key and escaped into the woods. But he wasn't in it for himself. He'd made friends and saw the opportunity to come to power. So he went back to jail basically and freed all his other apes. That's a good leader. So this is a very good and interesting video. Very well put together and very funny art.
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