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Improving the system

We INTJ's are system builders. Our archetype is known as Mastermind, Scientist or Strategist. But I once read one that was unusual but accurate. The Outside Contractor. We come in see what the problem is in a system and fix it. If the system is a failing business we do not care about social relationships and who's friends and who's enemies. The point is to fix the system and we cut out those that are holding the system back without care for feelings or personal attachments. That is why we are so effective because we are so objective and well ruthless. I was having a conversation with jokerforever and he showed me a picture someone had made of animals that represent each of the types. I was fairly impressed and I don't easily impress. But that wore off quickly and soon I could not stand the flaws. It's all I could see and they had to be fixed. The system had to be improved on. We do not focus on the positive because that already works it doesn't need our attention. We focus on the negative because that is where improvement is required and one of our mottos is "Bottom line: Does it work?" So this is the old flawed picture I was shown.

Some of the animals were wrong. Dead wrong on the Seal for INFP. Seals are happy social, optimistic creatures. So that would not stand. The second issue was this person was obviously an N and probably an NF because all the N's got positive descriptions while all the S types were dumped on. So that had to be fixed. Cue the objective NT to fix the mess on an idealistic NF. Lastly, this person is from tumblr. That had to be fixed. So now I present to you the improved and corrected animal Myers Briggs chart and descriptions.

So this person almost had it right but not quite.

Ok if you read my post about how it's difficult to surprise me with gits well it happened today. Ironic I was just talking to audes_lj about this. A little back story. I had ordered two giant microbes as gifts. I had also written to the company to ask them why they got rid of the Add to Wish List button but still have a Wish List. Isn't that dumb and you can't add stuff to your list anymore so why have it? He asked me what microbe I wanted to add. So I told him about geobacter and thought he would manually add it for me. Nope bu the wished me a happy birthday filled with geobacter. I got suspicious and wondered if I might be getting one as a just because since I've been a loyal customer for years and been ordering every year from them. Hummm? I wonder? Anyway been watching the tracking and today I get my order. YAY! Two bags? WTF? I then thought maybe they put each microbe in a separate bag OR they sent me a free geobacter. That would rock. So I tore into one of the bags all excited. There was an orange plush. Geobacter??? No this wasn't Geobacter. What's this? I didn't order this. From Audes? OH NO MY GIFT!!! Darn it. So thank you for the early gift and sorry I accidentally opened it. Oh man we were just talking about this. It's funny and annoying because I'm not one of those impatient kids or people that can't wait to find the gift and spoil it. I really do like to wait for the special day to open gifts. But I have this curse thrust upon me. I can't pretend I didn't see it or forget about it. So thank you for the Neurax Worm and Krill. A harmless creature and a cool dangerous fictional creature with mind control powers. I loved the Neurax campaign actually. I named mine Alaskan Bull Worm. BTW I'm currently playing the Simian Flu right now. I lost the first time around and will try again soon. Wanted to ask those of you that play Plague Inc. Does your game have a glitch? Mine has no music. I've been looking forward to this mission but it's a bit boring with no music. The music gives this game awesome atmosphere. I don't know if it's just me or if this version is messed up for everyone. Also I think I'm actually a big fan of the Apes movies. The new Planet of the Apes movies. I could never get into the originals despite them being classics. I can't wait for the new Apes movie to open on Friday. I want to go see it on opening day. So Wed and Thursday I will watch parts 1 and 2 to be caught up on what happened and have those fresh in my mind when I see the new one.

I didn't work on any art today but I wrote a whole story for the drawing of George. So please check that out when you have time. I'm very excited about it and love how it turned out. I want to draw more scenes from it.
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