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Crawling Terror

        George Smith walked behind the group quietly growling to himself. The three were walking through a dark dank tunnel and he didn’t like it. He had voiced his displeasure aboard the spaceship Rising Star and had reluctantly come along. Scary Fear was in front of him. The thin little black neuron happily looked around at the walls and rocks. The pink glow from his eyes gave off a dim light in the dark cave. The group was led by Captain RipTalon. George thought back to the shady guy that had tipped them off to the special fuel in this place; that it had low security if you came in through this back entrance. And that few would dare enter through a toxic waste outlet. George was used to dealing with shady characters. He was a mercenary after all and the crew he was running with was wanted in nearly all parts of the galaxy. But he still didn’t like this. Green toxic waste flowed past their feet in thin rivulets to the outside from where they had just come.

        Eventually the place opened up into brightly lit warehouse.
        “This is a trap.” George said again. The Captain sighed and looked back at the massive cowboy.
        “I know. But we need the fuel. We have gone over this. There’s nowhere else to get. If we didn’t need it we wouldn’t even be here. Just stay alert.” The Captain said annoyed.
        “I’m always alert.” George said quietly as he looked around the new area. There were at least three floors of rafters. The walls were made of some kind of steel and on the floor they were on were several cylindrical vats toxic chemicals.
        “This is definitely some kind of weapons or fuel depot.” Captain said as he scanned for the fuel canister they needed to steal. After not finding anything on the first floor they quietly made their way up some metal stairs to the second level.
        “I don’t like this.” George said again. “Nothing’s this easy or free. I should know. I’ve done a lot of these.”
        “Shhh! Look up there. “ RipTalon said pointing to the third level. “That’s where it is.” He said confidently.
        “How are we going to get up there? There’s no ladder and it seems higher up. Like they skipped a floor.” George said mentally trying to measure the distance to the next set of rafters. In the far corner there was a set of shelves and some canisters that contained the chemical they were looking for. There seemed to be two which was more than enough with how potent that stuff was. It would certainly upgrade the Shadowflare’s performance.
        “No problem.” Scary Fear said calmly as he lifted his arms reassuringly. “I can get them. I’ll just fly up there and then bring them back down and we can leave.”
George stared at him a moment then looked up at the next level. He pulled his rifle from his back, aimed it up and looked through his scope.
        “I can’t cover you properly from down here. You shouldn’t go.” George said.
        “There’s no one up there. I don’t see how anyone can get up there unless they fly. I won’t be long.” Fear said.
        “Do it.” Added the Captain. “We’re wasting time talking. Someone might come in. Best to do it now while there is no one else here.”
        “Well, alright. Be careful little guy.” George said.
        “I’m always careful.” Fear said with a creepy smile, and with that he spread his black raven wings and took off.

        Fear watched the floor below him get smaller. He loved flying. It made him feel so free. He looked up and soon was up to the side of the next floor. He elegantly leaped over the railing, landed quietly with a bend to his knees. He folded his broad wings over his back.
“Now, where is that fuel?” He thought as he walked over to a set of shelves. Fear’s three colorful dendrites waved around a few times. He sensed no emotions in the area. Satisfied that he was alone he proceeded to search.

        “That’s the one we want. This is too perfect. He’s all alone. Now is the time.” A voice in the shadows said to another. Two panels on either sides of the wall slid open. What had seemed like a solid steel wall was now revealed to have been hidden sliding doors. Four aliens poured out; two from each side. One was holding some type of gun attached to a hard pack on his back.
        “Shit! I KNEW it!” George said as he aimed his rifle at the enemies. But he mostly saw the bottom of the floor than his targets. Growling the demon cowboy began to back up trying to get a better view. RipTalon wasn’t having any better luck with the aim of his energy weapon. Scary Fear had just come to the right shelf that had the two canisters that he sought. He smiled and lifted his hands ready to take his prize.
        “SCARY FEAR LOOK OUT!!” George yelled. Fear's eyes went wide as he looked up when he heard that. As his mind processed the words is when it hit him. He felt pain all over his back and head as he was thrown across the hall and into the wall. Fear crumpled to the ground feeling burning pain all over him. He screeched loudly and flayed about. The enemy with the gun had sprayed him with a toxic green chemical that had burned away all his secondary feathers, parts of his clothes and were eating into his cell wall. Fear rolled around trying to scrape the viscous liquid off what was left of him. His sleeves were all ripped up as was the back side of his shirt, parts of his pants and the toe cap of his right boot. One of his raven toes was sticking out through the opening and bleeding from having come in contact with the chemical.
        “I’ve told that skinny boy many times he should at least wear some light armor.” George said annoyed as he aimed his rifle and fired a few shots. The targets were very difficult to hit from where he was.
        “He’s stubborn. He won’t listen.” RipTalon added as he fired his own energy weapon putting some holes into the metal floor.

        Fear stood up weakly, leaning one hand against the wall. He had gotten most of the caustic chemical off but he was still in great pain and burning. His dendrites flopped around. His middle one had been singed to half its length. He could sense George and The Captain's fears. They were afraid for him. But why could he not sense anything else? Fear could now see four enemies with him on his level. Too many to fight. But his wings were damaged. He couldn’t fly away. He was going to have to fight which he was not happy about.
        “Why can’t I sense you?!” He yelled angrily at the enemies. It was then he saw they were wearing some kind of head gear or helmets. It was probably blocking their fears. Fear spread his claws menacingly and showed his teeth. He couldn’t see what they feared but, “Everyone’s afraid of something.” He said trying to look as menacing as possible. He saw one of them hesitate. He went right for him. Even a tiny amount of fear gave him power. Fear went into berserk mode. The shape of his legs changed having an extra bend in them. He charged like a tiger. Despite being badly wounded he was still quite fast and raced past the first three and leaped on the alien that had showed him fear. The black terror was relentless as he slashed and bit at the screaming alien. Fear felt his own red cytoplasm oozing out of him from his wounds. His own life blood in a sense. He had to finish this guy quickly as he was still out numbered. Fear’s dendrites shot up as he summoned his action potential. Electricity shot from his chest and hands. Blue and purple bolts arched from him shocking his enemy to death. They raced through the steel floor and shocked the three other enemies knocking them to the ground. But they did not receive the full force of the charge like his first victim had.
        “Shit! This guy really is scary.” One of them said as he stood up. “We need to finish him fast!” He reached for a fire extinguisher that was on the wall. Fear stood up and screeched at them, teeth fully extended around his circular mouth. He wouldn’t be able to use electricity again until he had repolarized his action potential. Before he had a chance to rush at his next victim the alien holding the extinguisher got behind him and hit him in the back of the head with it. Fear went down hard on his stomach. He shut his eyes, grit his teeth and tried to crawl away. All he could feel was pain surge all over him as his blood trickled out of him. Black inky feathers were slowly raining down from the knock he’d just received. The three aliens ran over and began to kick him from all sides as though he were a soccer ball. George and The Captain continued to fire from below and the enemies were forced off of Fear as they were standing too close to the rail. Fear pulled himself up on it. He was bleeding from so many places now. His wings had bald patches. He was too weak to remain angered in his berserk mode.
        “Little bastard doesn’t want to stay down.” One of the enemies said.
        “But he’s almost dead.” His friend replied and rushed over to Fear. Fear saw him coming and in a last ditch effort retaliated with a left round house kick. But to his surprise the alien who was much bigger than him caught his foot with both hands completely stopping the kick. Fear got that sinking feeling as he couldn’t pull his leg back in, and was off balance standing on one foot now. If he could still fly he could counter but he knew he’d made a big mistake now. The alien still holding onto him swung him around hard. Fear was easily lifted off the ground as he was so light. The enemy tossed him with such force that Fear’s foot came right out of his boot. His black raven foot was now fully visible once exposed. His feet were much longer than the boots he wore but being a cell he had no bones and had no problem tucking them into smaller shoes. Yet it was a creepy thing to see. The other two aliens ducked as Fear sailed over them and hit the wall hard with his back.
        “That’s showing him!” One of them cheered. The large enemy walked over to the fallen Fear and lifted the limp cell in both hands.
        “HERE! I think you lost something!” He said as he threw Fear’s body over the rail. George and The Captain gasped thinking Fear would fall into the vats below them and there was nothing they could do about it. But instead of falling all the way down to the first floor Fear’s body hit the scaffolding in front of them. He didn’t move and blood was pouring from his beaked nose and mouth. George’s eyes were wide in disbelief and hurt. He shut them, balled his fists, raised them and let out a rage filled scream.
        “Geroge what are you doing?” The Captain screamed knowing George had lost it at this point. “You can’t leave us. Get back here.”

        George didn’t hear him. In full fury he ran to the edge of the rail he was on without thinking and leaped over the edge into the air.
        WHAT THE HELL? YOU CAN’T FLY!” RipTalon continued to yell as he kneeled down next to Fear’s body and searched for any signs of life. As George sailed through the air on his own momentum he changed into his hybrid human centipede form. But he did not stop there and continued to grow as he sailed towards the wall. By the time he had reached it George Smith was in his massive true form of the 36 foot long demon plant centipede. His many legs dug into the wall with no problem and he rapidly crawled his way up the wall in an undulating S shape. The three aliens saw the massive monster burst over the side of the rail and land right before them. Gallemotch reared up and in the same gruff voice he had had while he was George the cowboy he spoke from his three lobed mouth.
        “No one kills my friend and gets way with it. Your souls are mine!”
The three screamed terrified and began to run. Gallemotch was fast for his size though. He grabbed one sideways in his mouth and snapped him into three pieces. Blood poured from his jaws and he dropped the parts in a messy heap to the ground. The green soul energy surged towards the demon and he sucked it into his open flower mouth.
        “I ain’t even going to waste the venom on you suckers.” Gallemotch said flatly as he impaled one of his tail pinchers through the torso of his next victim. He lifted him right off his feet as he was still in the running motion. With one of his hand legs he grabbed the humanoid alien by the legs and ripped him in half. Blood and organs cascaded down to the floor as the remaining alien looked on in complete horror and disgust. Gallemotch absorbed this soul as well.

        Down below on the second level the Captain was leaned over Fear. He then saw a weak smile creep onto Fear’s face. He was alive. RipTalon's hope was renewed.
        “Hang in there, Fear. Once I get George back down here we’ll get you somewhere safe. Stay with me now.”

        Gallemotch slammed his tail down on the final enemy crushing him into the ground. He grabbed the corpse with his jaws and tossed him into the wall, smashing it into the final bloody mess. The soul energy flew from it and into the hungry demon. Gallemotch then changed back down in the his hybrid form. George Smith stood with flaying antennas, shark like teeth and a curling centipede tail still eager for more kills.
        “If I weren’t in such a hurry I’d eat all your sorry corpses right here and now.” He said angrily but turned away towards the shelves. He went straight for the two canisters and tied them to his ammo belt under his duster. He looked around and found a spool of rope. Perfect. He picked it up and threw it around the scaffolding on the roof. One quick test and he could feel that it would hold his great weight. He grabbed it with both hands and swung off the edge. The rope was short and didn’t reach all the way down to RipTalon's level but that didn’t matter. It had covered enough distance that once George reached the end he had no problem letting go and leaped down the rest of the way. He landed on all four bending in the ground. The Captain had to hold onto the rail a he lost his balance from the jolt of that hard landing.

        George stood up and walked over with concern on his face. The rage and anger was now replaced by it. He feared the worst.
        “Is he…” George began but could not finish.
        “No he’s still alive but in very bad shape.” The Captain said containing his own Anger very well. George smiled. He couldn’t believe it. He thought Fear had bitten it as he looked so bad.
        “I got the fuel.”
        “Fine. Get him to sick bay first. Let’s get out of here.” RipTalon said bluntly. George sighed with relief and carefully picked up Fear in his arms. He was so limp and seemed dead. He wasn’t quite sure how to tell if the little neuron was alive or not as he had no pulse. He growled again when he saw how damaged Scary Fear was and carefully walked him out of the room.


        George Smith stood over the sleeping Fear creature. They were in one of the wings of the sick bay. George looked down with a very sad expression. The Doctor walked in to check on his patient.
        “Will he be alright, doctor?” George asked.
        “I think so.” The doctor said. “You caused so much fear and terror down there to those enemies that in a sense you saved Fear and kept him alive. Your actions gave him enough strength to pull through. Fear’s physiology is so... well alien. I’m used to treating whole organisms. I’m not totally sure how to fix one giant living neuron other than patching up and clean the wounds he has.”
        “I’m sure you can fix him, doc.” George said.
        “Well one other thing that has been helping is an idea I got from your escapade down there. I’ve been ordering the more nervous members of our crew to come up here and wish Fear well. They don’t need to know that even unconscious, Scary Fear is picking up on their fears and it is helping him heal. So I guess for him I prescribe Worry. The more we worry about him the better he’ll get.” The doctor said in a sly amused tone then he walked away.

        Fear stirred in his bed then slowly opened his eyes. His glow was faint and weak but it was there.
        “How are you feeling?” George asked hopeful. Fear looked up at him then looked around the room gathering his bearings.
        “Oh no. I got hurt again didn’t I?” He said annoyed.
        “Yes. Please don’t do that again.” George said slightly annoyed but relieved.
        “Did we get the canisters?” Fear asked concerned.
        “Yes we did. They’re being installed now.” George replied.
        “Good. I’d hate to think that was a wasted trip.” Fear said with a chuckle.
        “George Smith. Report to my office.” The captain’s voice said over the speaker. George’s eyes flashed when he heard that.
        “Uh oh.” Fear said seeing George’s worry. “I hope you’re not in trouble either.” He added as George got up and left the room.


        “Yes sir, you wanted to see me?” George asked as he entered The Captain's office.
        “Mr. Smith, you have a real problem with that temper of yours. I thought you knew how to follow orders.” The Captain said sternly.
        “Yes sir. I do.”
        “Then why did you disobey me when I asked you to stay with us?” The Captain said angrily as he leaned over his desk. “You ran off with your temper to start your own personal fight. We needed you with us. You flew off the handle to get revenge. Did it ever occur to you it was more important to protect Fear than to run off on your vendetta?”
George felt terrible about that now. He had no excuse. He really had just reacted to seeing Fear fallen at his feet.
        “Well? Say something!” The Captain growled.
        “I thought Fear was dead. I don’t know. I just got so angry. I didn’t think anything could be done other than make those bastards pay.” George said genuinely unsure of why he did what he did.
        “You didn’t think. That’s right. Not only that but you didn’t listen. Fear was still alive. He needed your protection. What if more enemies had come out on our level. I might not have been able to fend them off on my own.” The Captain explained. George looked down at his boots. He felt awful when he heard that.
        “I did get the canisters.” George said softly as he looked up with a shy expression. The Captain softened his expression.
        “Yes. Yes you did. I know I said it was very important to get them but not at the cost of my men. You and Fear are too valuable to lose for fuel canisters. If it came to that I’d look for another alternative without a thought.”
        “I’m very sorry, sir. I just saw Fear dead at my feet I don’t know what came over me. I snapped. I had to do something for him. I couldn’t let them get away with it.”

        (optional dialog for George/Fear friendship) “Well, off the record I am not sure I would have done differently if that had happened to my best friend.”
        “Well I understand you had those feelings. I had them too. Still, I expect you to follow orders like everyone else on my ship does. Is that understood?”

        “Yes Sir. I promise it won’t happen again. I’ll try to better control my temper.” George said.
        “Good. Dismissed.” The Captain said. George sighed and turned to leave. “Oh one more thing.” George stopped cold. Now what had he done? He turned to look at The Captain. “Good job.” Was all he said.


Note: If the player has a friendship with George and Fear, George’s Gallemotch attack will be even more brutal. Guns might come into play.

Ok I have really enjoyed writing this story. I was so inspired. Well it's a game scene and game play actually. Originally I had all four characters in this but decided to not have the doctor on the team because it would cause problems. Like he could fly up there when this had to be Fear. And he could heal Fear on the spot which I did not want. Originally this was a story about Fear getting hurt. Remember I was looking for that excuse to hurt him and to show his bird feet. But then after this story took on a life of it's own I realize this is actually more of a George story and mission. For this mission you'll have to have George at his best level at this point in the game and probably have his rifle properly modified. You'll also have to have his special bar maxed out so he can become Gallemotch. So without these things it is possible to fail this mission and it's game over. Chris and I talked about a save point far enough away from this area that if you aren't ready for this mission you can reload and go level George so he can handle this properly. And at the last moment I decided to have the scene tacked on of sick bay and of George getting chewed out for being a raging feeling type haha. It was the wrong choice but well luckily it worked out in the end. It could have been worse. I also realized this is a great place for some unique dialog if the player is going the friendship route of George/Fear. So I always enjoy unique dialog. Friendships with any other character and you will not see this. I love games like that. I love it on a second play through when I say, "That didn't happen last time!"

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