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Bird day

I'm feeling better now after what happened to Sandwich. I'm not so upset though I'll miss him. Not so mad at Bullet anymore. I also gave two of my old breeder tiels to a lady at the flea market. She actually lives very close to me and can keep them in an aviary. She gave me a purple travel cage for $5 since I brought in birds to her. I'm glad because I really needed to get rid of these birds and put them in a good home. I could have taken all four but something told me not to let go of my last pair. The female is very old and I don't think she'll be around too long. Although I'm amazed she's lived this long. She would not do well in an aviary because she can't fly or compete. I also worry that whoever gets them would separate them and they are very bonded. Not as bonded as Cinnamon Bun and Abigail were but I don't want to separate them. So I decided to keep them. So technically I gave up three birds today. I have a problem this year. My friend Mike is going up to see the eclipse too so he won't be able to watch our birds this year. This is a bit of a problem. I know Chris's cousin can watch our chickens no prob. But I'm hoping he can take two cages. I'll have to stuff the last to tiels in with the budgies and hope the budgies don't kill them while we are gone. And also Randy's cage would have to go there. It's still a ways off so perhaps I'd have figured something out by then. I'm also hoping to sell my car by the end of this month at most before the trip so hope that works out with it having the starting issue. And I sudden change of plans today which will make things interesting. Bullet is going with us on this vacation. That's what the travel cage is for. That's one less cage for our sitters to watch. ACTipton80 is happy she's coming so all is good. She will not be let loose at the same time Izzy is though since now we know Bullet kills other budgies. I may not let her out at all while we are there. We just have to see. I'll be clipping her too though she's a lousy flyer just like Gaus was. She's gotten too fat. I have to force her to fly and exercise and try to get her just on pellets.

I made progress on my art today. I held a stream session for about an hour that was nice. I enjoyed talking with Colonel and AudeS about Triangulum. I've been working on and off on my art today and made some good progress on Thag and George. I also brain stormed with Chris and think I have the story finally worked out for the art of George and Fear. As well as AudeS helping me with the mission and game play. I need to think of a name for that story/mission. I'm very excited about it and hope to start writing it out tomorrow.

I got a spoiler for one of my birthday gifts. I told Chris how I want one of those glowing gaming keyboards because it's hard to see my keys in the dark when I'm working on art. He agreed that now that he's had a glowing keyboard for a long time he can never go back to a normal keyboard. So he got me the one I had on Amazon. In fact I need to remove that from my wishlist. So that will be nice to have but I won't open it til my birthday so I have gifts to open. I'm not one of those impatient people that can't wait and spoils the surprise. It's just very hard to surprise me because I either figure it out by how questions are worded or I accidentally find where the gift is hidden. Both unintentional. I'm too smart and intuitive for the first and the other is just bad luck. Chris and I don't bother to surprise each other because of this. It's very hard to surprise each other and most of the time when it comes to gifts we just tell each other or ask if it's ok to get something for each other. "I'm thinking of getting you ______________. Is that something you'd want?" That's so typical during gift giving time for us.
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