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The title of this post is actually "The Tiger Can't Change Its Stripes" Revisited. After commenting on Shanglong's journal about Myers Briggs I wanted to bring up this old post I made a few years ago. The Tiger Can't Change Its Stripes. Myers Briggs is based on real psychology originally started by research done by Carl Jung. INTP btw. It is a true science and very accurate though all the tests currently out there are rather flawed. But the biggest flaw lies with the test taker. Most people that take these for the first time or are given one by a psychologist test wrong because they answer the questions as they think they should instead of answering honestly. They may not like something about themselves or admire a trait another type has and project it or answer as they wish they were. So they get wrong results. Shanglong brought up another flaw in that the person may not understand the question and answer wrong because of this as well as apathy. "This question is not important I'll put anything down." When I first took the text I was answering wrong and kept getting ISTJ as a result and occasionally INTP. I respect S types, grew up with them and said yes to some of the questions about liking rules, following orders or traditions, past experience, senses etc. And I would get S type as a result of this. But the more I read about the types the more I noticed it did not add up in real life. Also back then I did not understand what intuition was and that I used it way more than I realized. I actually don't respect rules and break them often or bend them so long as it's not out right breaking the law. I find exceptions to the rules then use those to get around problems much to others' annoyance. S types don't do that. If they think a rule is wrong they might voice that it is stupid but still heed it. I found myself doing these kinds of things way too often. So why was I answering these questions with a "Yes"? It was then I told myself to stop doing that and be honest on those questions and once I did I got my true result of INTJ. My N was the weakest and I think it still is which is why it is easy for me to think like an S type and relate to them. But by weak I mean my N is in the upper 70's to mid 80s which is still high and way past the limit.

Another factor people misunderstand about the test is that if you get 50% say I then you're borderline and you're also a E? No. There is no borderline. You're not both. You can't be both. You are one or the other. Think of it as a health bar for your points so it is just a percent of how strong it is. Some witty INTP came up with this formula to explain the annoying 1% result you sometimes get on these tests. So 1% I means you're really an extrovert 99% of the time? No.

(x + 100)/2.

X is the variable you get. So if you got 1 for introversion you'd have 1 + 100 = 101/2 = 50.5. So that means you're really 50.5% introverted and 49.5% extroverted or you're borderline. A 1% is actually a borderline case. This means that my numbers just got sent through the roof! But it does make so much more sense this way. I was plugging in numbers just for the fun of it. Which in itself if very N. An S would take their number from this formula and be done with it. Here I am wanting to see all possibilities. Of course 100 cancels itself out so my I and my T being at 100% are just that. The higher the number you get the more accurate to that number it is hence think of your percent as a health bar not a tug of war.

So the point of the old article is you can't change your type. You are born into it unless you get some kind of brain damage. It is neurologically charged. Of course you can act different for a limited amount of time but going against your type will drain you not charge you so you can not keep it up forever. Acting within your four letters charges you while acting outside of them drains you. An INTP on a job has to be an INTJ. You have to be there on time, you have to meet deadlines, you have to act and do your job. Yes he can do it. He has to but he's dead at the end of the day. Therefore in a traumatic situation you don't change. Your true colors come forth as you can not keep up the charade. You guys know last year I went through Hell and a bit into the start of this year. I have not changed. Not to say you won't have moments of weakness. Everyone does. This is normal but you don't change. I love Popeye's quote with his accent, "I ams what I ams." So the issue here lies with flawed tests, poorly worded questions but most of all flawed test takers.

I want to share the Two sites that are my faves for descriptions of the 16 types. I tell people if they get confused by the tests to forget the tests and read all 16 types and decide for themselves. Those that are still unsure are usually P's. But I don't see how after a good amount of introspection one can not know themselves to figure it out. Typical INTJ response, "Their problem not mine."

Type logic
Personality Portraits

I will eventually add my own descriptions to the list as they are short and to the point. One thing to watch out for on these sites is typing of historical and fictional characters. They get this so majorly wrong. And what's worse is the other sites just copy and paste without questioning these things. From studying Myers Briggs so much over the years I am very good at typing both fictional and real people once I have had a decent amount of time to observe them. In fact typing characters in shows and movies is one of my fave past times. But how these people get some things so wrong is beyond me. For example 7 of 9 from Star Trek Voyager is listed as an INTJ. I do not know why when she's completely an ESTJ. For one she's a Borg and borgs once converted are extroverts. In one episode she even said she does what her "collective" decides as well as mentioning that she does not like to be alone at the start. I could go into a full detail of why she's ESTJ but that is not the point of this post. Some other time. Same with Star Trek's DS9's Dr Julian Basir who is listed as an introvert. What moron wrote that? He's ENFJ. Very loud, talks all the time, loves everyone, thinks everyone should love him. Raging extrovert for sure. I see so many of these characters typed wrong. In fact I really should write the type logic guy about Ishmael from Moby Dick is ISTP not INFP. I've read the book three times and am a big fan. He chose the one passage from the book where Ishmael was out of character because yes he was worried that his friend was dying. Thinking types do have feelings but it takes a lot for us to show them. One of my fave parts of Moby Dick was when Ishmael found a rug in his motel and didn't know what it was for so he looked at it, touched, it smelled, put his ear on it and even bit it and licked it. And at the end he still didn't know what it was for and put it away. That was so funny to me. Yeah S type. I'd love to see that in a future movie adaption of him with a rug in his mouth. So be careful of that and be careful of the match making. Remember similar types get along best. Read my other post about my One Letter Difference Rule.

Finally about the subject of this post. It's just my N messing with the LJ system. I found in the setting were to remove myself from being featured on the front page. I'm curious if this post will make it on and still wonder why my stuff is only just now getting featured when I've been here for 12 years and had that setting unknowingly turned out. AudeS is right. My journal is way more interesting than anything on the front page as it's mostly boring garbage from shallow people. Once I've had my fun I'm turning on that feature because I don't give a dang. Happy to be popular and now I put an end to it.

EDIT: They took the bait. I don't know if the feature thing is done by a robot or some moderator actually reads public posts and posts them on the front page. As of now it says I'm on there. I don't care about where. But now I have turned off that setting so I should soon be pulled off the front page too. HAHA yes it is gone now. Successful experiment. And an example of what INTJ's do to test the limits of things.
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