Des (thagirion) wrote,

Birthday Wishlist

Time to post the wish list here. No one is obligated. I know some of you already making gift art so no need to comment. This is just in case there is someone that hasn't seen this yet and is not on the other sites. I may do this on YT as well. I'm always happy when people do something nice for me. It's always a pleasant surprise. In no particular order.

* Gift card to Predatory Plants
* Quadratec gift card
* Amazon wish list This one has sublists on the left.
* Giant Microbes Wish list I don't know how to add new microbes. They took away the add wishlist feature. Geobacter is the one I have to add.
* Ebay Gift card
* Gift art of Scary Fear, Gord or George

* Ebay, paypal or Amazon gift card/donation. PM me for contact info.
Tags: wishlist
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