Des (thagirion) wrote,

New Drawing

Well I didn't work on my digital art today. I've been bad. But I'm happy to have started on a whole new drawing today. Check this out.

This is a scene from Triangulum Resistance. But I have no idea what happened. This is how my brain works. I get scenes in my head and then I have to figure out how we got to this point. Most of my stories are written this way. I get a scene for the most critical point and then I have to build a story around it. Clearly something bad happened to Fear. He's hurt very badly. So someone or a few people had to have hurt him and got the better of him. Clearly they are gone either ran off or were killed by the rest of the team. Of course George is furious that someone would do this to his friend. He carefully picks Fear up trying to control his temper since he wants to run off and kill but has to be gentle with Fear's body. Not the first time I've done this to George. I love conflicting him this way. And I love hurting my fave characters so I need an excuse to mess Fear up this badly. Well we'll get to see finally if we can tell the difference between his skin and his sleeves in this drawing. His blood/cytoplasm is still red so it will show up nicely against the black. This drawing is also far from finished. I also went off the page again. I have to add more paper to the bottom and side. I need to finish drawing George's feet. Also I'm not keeping that post for his antennas. His antennas would be going our wildly in all directions, especially to the sides. When centipedes are on the hunt or are alert their antennas go wild in all directions. It's kind of cute and funny. But not in this case as George is so ready to kill. Plus I still have to draw his tail in this. So this has been quite enjoyable to make. I hope I can start to draw the other new ideas I have for Gord and Thanatos. Oh and another thing I really want to make clear with this drawing is that Fear has raven feet inside his boots. He's lost one of his boots and his foot is showing. The other boot is damaged and his inside toe is sticking out through it. And you can kind of see he'd be hard to carry because he's soft and has no bones. His only hard parts are his claws, teeth and wings. BTW I forgot to mention on the character sheet. No more tie. The one drawing that is wrong also has this flaw in it. I like how smooth he is without one. His shirt collar is just a semi circle.
I see some of you have posted here. I will try to catch up with comments tomorrow.
Tags: george smith, scary fear
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