Des (thagirion) wrote,

Fear in the works

So today was a good day. I can't remember much at the moment because I have a headache. But first I helped Chris clean the inside of his truck and finally put in the new seat covers I got him as a gift ages ago. It's so much nicer in there now. I guess today's mostly been a slow day. I finally started to work on some new art but what was supposed to be something pretty simple and fast became complex which is so typical of my stuff. I was concentrating so hard that I gave myself a headache. Here's what I have so far.

This is from one of my travel sketches. I knew drawing the river would be the hardest thing so I started with that and then I decided to draw rocks. I don't do well with 100% digital so I did draw the first one that way. Or painted it. But I couldn't visualize the shapes. I'm an illustrator so I have to have line art or I don't know what I'm doing. So I drew some shapes and will color under them. So those black lines are just guide lines and then I have to draw the waves and reflections. And then I'm still not done. I have to draw more rocks on land, grass, bushes and trees because Fear is in a forest. And once I'm done with that I get to color him which will be the most fun thing. So much for fast and easy.
Tags: scary fear
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