Des (thagirion) wrote,

Tomorrow is July 4th

Fireworks have already been going off the last few days here for the 4th. I love it but not so great when you're trying to sleep. Also I find it ironic how the majority go off at midnight when that's July the 5th. It's not quite the same as sleeping through a thunderstorm. Well we have no plans for tomorrow. Chris is working the first part of the day. I will go with him on a job if he gets it in a nice neighborhood. Then he's going to get the rest of it off so we can spend time together. I'm very happy to have decorated and put out some nice things. It was easy since the house was already half done because nothing's changed here since last July when life took a very bad turn for me. I'm happy to put out some more things and get back into decorating for each holiday again. I am happy that things are almost back to normal for me. I appreciate those of you that have been there for me and understood that these things take time. I am very proud of myself for having come through a very bad situation so well.

On that note I'm focusing now on fixing and emptying our house of junk. Today I worked on our master closet and filled five small garbage bags of clothes to give to donations. Nothing compared to the junk I dealt with at my mother's house but I was never as bad as she was. I'm happy and proud to be able to see the walls of my closet as I just don't need a lot of clothes. I am throwing out some of Chris's stuff too. Best to just start all over and try to keep what we get to last as long as possible. Or do what Cope does. If we find something we like to stock up as much as we can afford, nowhere near what he can, that way we never have to buy it again and it protects against things getting discontinued.

Remember the yellow "jacaranda" tree I was so happy about that finally bloomed. Here's a photo and the story I posted on DA about it.

This tree was sold to me as a "yellow jacaranda". I'd never heard of a yellow Jacaranda. They are purple but I was very happy and took it. Actually it was free with a purchase I made from another plant breeder. I've had it for about six years and it's finally bloomed. The leaves look very similar to a Jacaranda and I planted it next to my Jacaranda. But when I saw the flowers they were nothing like that. I did some research and found the common name is Yellow Poinicina but it is not a poinciana either as they are not in the same genus. The scientific name of this plant is Peltophorum pterocarpum. Royal Poincianas are red and their scientific name is Delonix regia. This is a different genus. The leaves are similar but fatter on each actual leaf than Peltophorum and well they are two totally different genus. The flowers are nothing alike so the common name is not a good one.

I had a comment from someone on youtube that I'm starting to become friends with. He mentioned he did not know about the eclipse and thanked me for the video I posted yesterday. I hadn't thought that some of my watchers might not know so perhaps I'll make a post about it just talking a bit about it. We'll see as videos take time to make and I'm having issues with my Sony Vegas crashing and taking way longer than it used to. Used to be I could render a video in twice the time of the length. So if I had 2 minutes of footage it would take four minutes to render. A four minute video now takes 45 minutes if it doesn't crash and I have to have all programs closed and the computer restarted. This really sucks just when I want to get into serious editing again. I'm afraid I may need a new computer which sucks because I don't want to give up my awesome windows 7. Anyway this friend and I might meet since he might be moving down to Tampa for a job and we have similar Jeeps. That would be cool. I think this year has been amazing and is still going to be amazing for meeting so many online friends.

I have photoshop open right now but don't feel like inking Thag. Perhaps I should scan the pic of Fear by the river and start that. I was looking through my files and totally forgot about the shoe billed stork. so it might be good to work on three at once and take turns. When I work on multiple drawings at once it's always fun to see which one will end first. It's not always the one that's more advanced or furthest ahead.
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