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Jurassic Park and Fear

So I'm thinking about when I will turn my Jeep into a Jurassic Vehicle. I'm mentally preparing for even more attention once that happens. Though I'm still conflicted as I don't want to get rid of Fear and all the pretty blue and black I have. In fact today I was looking into leather seats and blue with blue stitching was an option. Sooo tempting. Not only that but they can embroider anything on the seat not just the Jeep logo. OMG must resist the temptation to write something Fear related on the seat in pretty blue thread. The oil change went well yesterday and I was very happy when they told me the headlights were in right. They didn't have to adjust anything. Wow got it right the first time. I'm so glad as I did have some trouble getting them to line up. So now I'm all set for night driving which I still have to try. Anyway back to the JP. I've seen lots of videos and pics of owners and their Jeeps but I decided to look for something I hadn't seen too much and that was the point of view from normal people that see these Jeeps. I've heard from owners that you do have to get used to it as not only do people crowd around you at parking lots and ask you dumb questions like, "Was it really in the movie?" to people speeding up and following you to get a better look or a photo. People changing lanes and directions to catch up. So far my fave video is of this guy on a motorcycle that flips out over a Jeep, turns instead of going straight like he was and almost falls off. But he's so happy.

So my introversion doesn't like this but my big ego sure does. Ah the complexity of being INTJ. If I were ENTJ I'd have no issues whatsoever haha.

I'm happy to have made a make sift character sheet for Scary Fear that's finally up to date. Check it out.

So if you want to get me something for my birthday and don't know what, I would love some gift art of my new beloved Fear. I'll be posting my wish list here soon too.

EDIT: This morning I noticed a link in the subject of this post saying something about ratings. WTF? It took me to the LJ's front page and I wasn't sure why. I went through my settings and found that I have it set to allow notifications if I ever got featured on the front page. I totally forgot about that. I've been on LJ 12 years so that's a first. So I'm in 68th place. Actually forget the 68th. After editing this I rose to 18. Makes no sense but at this rate I may end up in first place. Ha. Here's a screen cap.

But why this post? I have way more interesting posts than this one. One of my travel ones or art ones should have been featured. Well the good thing is Scary Fear is getting more attention now at least. So because of that let me post some other pics of him then.

George's character sheet.

And my art wrap for my hood.

Now this post is a bit more presentable at least for front page material. This reminds me too. I have got to fix the darn CSS I lost on this journal. I had it so nice with my header, sidebar, background, clear panels and custom budgie heads.
Tags: jeep, scary fear
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