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Headlights are in

So here is the video of the new headlights.

I need to make an appointment today with the dealership for an oil change, tire rotation and headlight alignment. I don't think they are right and I don't know how to do it myself. So let them mess with it. I'm tired for taking the grill on and off anyway. I'll be glad to let that be for a long time after this.

Chris and I had a nice time yesterday on our day off. He bought me some cleaning supplies for the jeep and a hose repair kit because the hose to the front yard busted where you attach the spray nozzle. I hope we can get that fixed soon.

I found this great journal yesterday called What Floridians Like, and they had a quiz on it about how Florida are you? Here are my results. Naturally I got Native.

How could I not as I've lived here all my life and love my state. I found this site because I was looking into getting one of those Flo Grown stickers for my car I have been seeing. They had a two part article on what the stickers say about your driving habits. Funny enough the one for this didn't fit me as they said they are rude dangerous drivers that usually drive big trucks. I had no idea Publix was such a Florida thing. To me it's just a supermarket but well when I read some of the stuff like about drinking iced tea and liking sub sandwiches from there it if me. As for the other bumper stickers I kind of was a little of almost all of them. Other than the bad driver ones. I also enjoyed an article about how things that are normal to us are weird or scary for tourists. Like the abundant wildlife. I guess we're just so used to it having giant birds in our yards, insects everywhere and alligators in swimming pools. I forget who I told about the big alligator I saw just walking on the grass when it was the dry season. This year many lakes and ponds dried up and when this happens the alligators walk in search of a new water source. Well this person thought that was so scary just to see one walking along the road. It's common for us. They're even in the big cities.

I love this pic taken in downtown Tampa under a major expressway and there's an Alligator warning sign.

I took this photo one day when I went to the dump. They always have cool things in this pond. This was during the dry season and the water was slow so he was using that grass bed to sing on. Now we are in the wet season and well his singing spot is gone.
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