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Trying to get back in the swing of things

So I got back home Monday June 19th. An 8 hour drive that was much longer because of all the stops I made and the crazy traffic. I decided to drive through Atlanta instead of around it. I wanted to see the pretty buildings and go right through the heart of it. I knew it would be hard, slow and busy. There are two big city portions of it and well I was right. There was a bad accident completely blocking the north bound traffic. Glad I wasn't on that end. And it's so easy to get off on the wrong exits. I did film it all so I will edit it and perhaps make it into a time lapse by simply speeding up the footage. I stopped more than I would have liked but I was going crazy and couldn't do two hours at a time in some areas. I stopped at an office building in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Georgia. It was very nice actually as it was dead. No one was around as it was not an official rest stop. I parked far from the building to not use up anyone's parking spot and had lunch and time to relax. The food my aunt packed sure saved me on this trip. Once I got to Florida it was nice to go to the visitor center and see we have the coolest one I've seen. We had more pamphlets about what to do than any other state I have seen, but then tourism is our number one industry. They were giving out free orange juice or grapefruit juice in samples which was great. There were palm trees, a dolphin statue and an astronaut. Yeah how can you beat that. Certainly no place like home. But Florida also has nasty thunder storms and I hit two very bad ones on the way home. Saw lots of accidents because people are stupid and don't know to slow down a lot in the rain. But visibility was very bad in the storm and I was getting very stressed and scared. Traffic came to a stand still as there was a big wreck involving semi trucks. I have learned to hate trucks on this trip. So after that I got off the interstate as I had had it and came home through the back roads. Got home around 7:30 when originally it was supposed to be 5.

So three days later and I'm still trashed from all this. I'm still recovering and don't have my full energy back yet. I hope that will change soon. Well now about the head lights. Still having issues. I was so happy to see the box and thought it looked a bit small. When I opened it I found out why. There was only ONE head light. I checked to make sure I hadn't gotten ripped off but I did not. They sell them one per box. I thought I'd be getting a pair but no. So I still have to order one more. This is most annoying and will be expensive. But I know they are good lights so it will be worth it. I just don't drive at night and after driving in the storms my headlights suck so bad. I also noticed driving around in the woods where it was dark and they came on and basically did nothing.

Yesterday I had some energy and worked on a project to build a blue screen for my grille. Here's the video.

I'm a bit worried because I've been waking up with bad back pain. It started when I got back home and it can't be the bed. It's a new bed so WTF? I had no back pain on my trips and slept well in all the beds I was on. Why is it at home I can't get a good sleep?

I hope I have some energy today to work on some art. It would be nice to start inking No Hard Feelings. I need to do a lot of plant chores too. Lots of things need to be repotted, put out and such. I think I've caught up on all the comments here too.
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