Des (thagirion) wrote,

Coming Home

Short post tonight. I'm at my aunt's house in Georgia. I had a very nice time with her. We chatted a lot and finally had a deep conversation. I've met with her a few times but today was the first time I opened up to her and showed her my art and explained to her what it really means. At least as far as Fear being me and how complex he is and how there's a story behind every art I make. I don't just draw random characters. I'm a story teller. Same with my photos. I'm not a photographer. I take photos to catalog events and use them to tell stories in journals.

I'm still fighting this sore throat. I told the virus to please hold off til I get home then it can take me. I'll order my immune system to back down. I just need to be good for all day tomorrow. I enjoyed my talks today but i did talk way too much. Ok so tomorrow I hope to make it home. I feel well enough now and if I wake up well tomorrow I hope to leave at 6:30 for Florida. It's an 8 hour drive. My gosh that's the longest part of this trip. I did it once but I was fresh coming up. I hope I can do it and that there will be no problems. I stop every two hours so it should be two stops. My aunt packed all kinds of food for me so I'm glad I'm set for when I do stop I'll have lots of things to choose to eat.

I've seen your comments guys and hope to reply once I have time. I've even seen some of your journals here and hope to get to them. I've just been so busy on this trip I haven't had time to come on some days. I'm keeping this short but need to talk about today and yesterday. So that's all for now. I need to pack and get ready for tomorrow. I'm very tired.
Tags: travel
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