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Staying an extra day in Virginia

Today was the worst drive yet. I left around 7:15 which is way too late for me but I didn't feel well. I thought I was going to get sick. Some rooms I stayed in were way too cold and I had developed a sore throat. I'm extremely cold sensitive and if I get a sore throat I almost always get sick afterwards with a cold or flu. I CANT get sick on a trip like this because I am alone. Though I was warm in the hotel in NY I still had a bad night with my throat from the previous times. But by the time it was time to get up it was better. I bought some cough drops and will take one tonight. I hope nothing will happen. But well the drive from NY to Winchester VA sucked. The construction was terrible. You couldn't go the speed limit. Everything was slower and I have learned to hate trucks. They were EVERYWHERE clogging up lanes, going slow and in huge long lines that never end so you can't really pass them for long. I was physically hurting from the driving. It was already a slow 5 hour drive because of speed limits but GPS doesn't take construction and trucks into account. I think I lost an hour. I probably drove 6 hours. The weather was cloudy which made me sleepy. Don't worry I don't fall asleep at the wheel. I turn the AC on really cold which keeps me alert. I use my temp weakness to my advantage when driving. But I was stressed and though I took two IBprofins I was till in pain. I was very uncomfortable. I stopped more than usual and I wasn't sure if I could make it and do it all over again tomorrow. It's another 5 hours to NC from Winchester. That is over my limit. Four hours is what I'm comfortable with. I finally got to the hotel and was a wreck. No way I can do it again so soon. I was having neck ,arm and back pains. So I talked with Chris and ACTipton and I'm staying an extra night in Winchester to recover. I need to tell my aunt I'll be arriving a day late and to leave a key for me if they are out. I'm about out of gas too on this trip but made it on one tank. I would have had a quarter if there wasn't all this trouble. I'll fill up tomorrow and wash the windshield. I sooo need to rest.

Anyway here is a video of my crossing the bridges at 1000 islands.

Now for some pics.

I was so happy to see CVersailles had framed my Christmas card and had it in her bird room. This was so nice.

Fear with a full sized Nepenthes truncata. I can't wait for mine to get this big one day.

Fear next to one of the biggest blue agaves I have ever seen. This was beautiful. Apart from tropical green houses I love the desert green houses too.

"I wanna touch it!" This sign made me laugh and reminded me of "Art" the monster from Monsters University that when he hear that "You do not want to touch" the spike balls he said "I want to touch them."

I loved these door handles at the Montreal botanical gardens. You can see several plants in one. There's what seems to be a tomato, grasses and the over all shape reminds me of a nepenthese pitcher.

Preening Canada Goose. I love these geese. They're so big and soft looking. We don't have any geese in FL so I'm happy to see these.

And I think I saw my first chipmunk on this trip and then this happened. This is a mother and baby. Funny I was taking pics of a chipping sparrow when these two ran out. The mom ran between my legs and the little one just stopped and looked at my shoes. Then they started climbing up my leg and I was very amused by this, that wild animals come to me and trust me. I let them for a short time then moved away. I don't know why they liked my shoes so much.

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