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Montreal tomorrow

Today was so much fun too. Gamma and I bird watched a little. Then we mostly stayed home and drew for hours. She used my tablet and also drew on paper. I did as well and got some sketch dumps going. I even have one with Fear and Thag that I will turn into a real drawing because it's just so bad ass. Then we watched The Cast Away and also listened to a lot of metal. It really sucked to say good bye and I was a bit down about it but now I'm fine and annoyed I have to pack again and get ready for tomorrow. I need to study my maps and figure out how I'm getting to where I am going. It's only two hours so this will be my shortest and easiest drive yet.

BTW for those of you that haven't seen it here is the download for the ep of Voyager with Fear in it. It's called The Thaw.

The sound might be corrupted though. It didn't work for me on media player but it worked on VLC. Roller mentioned it works if you watch it off Send Space so check it while it's up. These are temp uploads. jokerforever I think you'd like this ep. Anyway this ep is my fave and I saw it years ago. Long before IO and was a big inspiration for Scary Fear though this Fear was a feeling type ENFP. I love how well he played Irrational Fear though. I think most of the raptors have seen this now.

Here's the huge flock of geese I saw in NY state before I entered into Canada.

This was an awesome field of dandelions. I love dandelions both states. The flower and the puffy seed heads.

And I can't believe this cool dead pine tree right outside my hotel. It looks just like Josh Rivera from Monsters Inc. Eyes mouth and tentacles. Here's a pic of him.

Gosh I'm very excited about this new drawing of Fear and Thag. Also drew another sketch of Fear in a new pose with mouth wide open. It's inspired by the metal scream you hear at the start of many power metal songs. For example Insania's Land of the Winter Sun.

I am out of practice with George Smith though. I tried to draw him today and didn't do so well. I need to draw him soon because I need to start portraying him in Triangulum Resistance.

Well I better go. I need to pack and get ready to do another drive tomorrow.
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