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In Canada

Ok well I disappeared for a day because I'm now in Canada and have been very busy. I'm so tired but I guess in a good day. The drive from New York was not great. Terrible roads that were so bouncy and then I got stopped at the border. I knew I would I had a feeling. They searched my car and opened all my bags and moved all my seats around. I think the problem was what I had expected. That the car was not in my name. I told them it was registered to Chris and I had permission to drive it though between us it's my car. I didn't have to show them the paperwork but I guess they found it when going through my things because suddenly everything was ok. It was nerve wracking though. I have never done this and they made a mess of my nicely organized trunk. I have no doubt getting back into the United States will be no problem since I'm a resident in excellent standing with a perfect driving record. Everyone told me crossing the boarder was easy. Ha I knew it would not be. I just knew it. BUT I was right about almost no traffic at the Ogenberg Prescot bridge. So if I hadn't been stopped it would have been fast and easy. Here's my drive over the bridge for those of you that have not seen it. Again very sorry about the gross bug guts in the center. I had no idea that happened right in front of my camera. I'm upset about it because this isn't something I could film again.

So I got to my hotel and it's so pretty. It was nice to rest for a bit that Friday. Gamma finally got home from School and it was nice to go visit her at her house. Not counting traffic I'm living only 10 minutes away or so.

But today was and EXCELLENT day. I got up early and took advantage of the free breakfast here. I had milk and cereal. Then when Gamma was up she texted me and I went to pick her up. Oh but before that. My car was disgusting. I was sick of it being covered in bug guts, pine needles and pollen. I went to a self serve car wash but they didn't take credit cards only cash. I don't have any Canadian money so that didn't work at all. Wasted time. Luckily Gamma's mom let me use a sponge, some dish soap and I washed the car as fast as I could in the drive way. Oh it wax great to take off in a shinny clean car after that. BTW totally off topic but this unit converter app has been amazing on this trip.
I've mostly used it for currency conversion but it works great for temp conversion too.

So then we took off to this country road. It was amazing. The day was great. The weather report said rain all day but it was the total opposite. It was just sunny and beautiful. I got to wear my shorts today it was so nice. And the best thing is we found Gamma's target bird the Bobolink. New lifer for both of us. But I was so happy she got them after searching for this bird so long. Her nemesis bird at last gotten. And we saw lots of them. I have taken a lot of pics today but again I'm too tired to post them. Perhaps tomorrow.

Then we came to my hotel and rested a bit. Then we took off again to eat. Gamma suggested a placed called Tim Hortons which is in a gas station. I got a chicken sandwich there and it was pretty good. Found out Fanta bottles are a different shape in Canada too. Then we came back home the rest of the day. We watched the movie ConAir. I'm glad she liked that and it was fun to analyze the characters for their personality types. We then walked around the yard of my hotel and got some pics of birds. I found this cool dead tree that look like the Monsters Inc monster named Josh Rivera. I will post a pic sometime. Then we watched the ep of Voyager The Thaw. FINALLY. I've been dying for her to see that ep as most of the raptors have seen it. It's the episode with Fear. It's so well done and well I was captivated by this ep about five years ago and you see what an inspiration it has been for my version of Fear.


Gord would love this ep because they kill Fear at the end.

We also drew while here both on my computer's photo shop as well as on paper. Then I took her home. So tomorrow we plan to meet up. Not sure what time. It's up to Gamma she'll text me when she wakes up. So perhaps tomorrow we will game and watch more stuff and draw. Mostly stay indoors this time. Oh I love waking up to the sounds of Canada geese flying over head. I saw a huge flock of them coming up from New York and it was amazing. I got pics of that too. I'm also loving all the robins on this trip. Well we Floridians don't get robins except in late winter around Jan and Feb and then they go north and are gone all year. They are such a large song bird and I love their shape. But then the thrush family is one of my fave bird families anyway. I like just about every type of thrush I have seen. Robins, blue birds and red legged thrush.

Oh one last thing. I noticed in New York that these two guys were hanging around my window just talking and smoking. So annoying go away. Of all the windows why stand around mine? And then here in Canada same thing. People would just hang out by my door and talk. WTF? Go away. Why don't they stand in front of there doors? Why mine. So many doors to choose from they stand and talk in front of my door. Today Gamma and I got scared. Some strange man knocked on the door. We weren't going to open it. Just us two girls. We hid in the bath room haha. Chris called during all this and we felt better talking to him. Next time I'll call the office. No one should be knocking on my door. I don't know anyone here. When I was getting ready to take Gamma home a few hours later there was this huge Asian family standing by my door again. Like 7 people talking in some other language. WTH? I couldn't give enough death stares. Get away from my door and my car! Oh!!! It was at that point I realized what was going on and I guess I can't get too mad about it. It's my Jeep. Everyone hangs out around my Jeep because of the Scary Fear art. Not only does it turn heads it will attract attention. I knew this going in but I didn't know it would be this bad. I knew I'd get tons of attention when I do the Jurassic Park theme but wow this is crazy. I'm going to have to get used to it. They were smiling so they all liked it. Death stares can't be retracted but well still annoying when they are in my way and I can't leave my room and then they are in my way again that I can't get to my car door. I think they were surprised when a short girl got in that car. It's not owned by a scary looking guy. I know I don't at all look the type for the dark stuff I'm into and my dark personality. I'm light on the outside but dark on the inside. Luckily when I got home today someone as in my spot so if people congregate into a convention around my Jeep this time it will be at one of my neighbors and not my door. Ok I now realize my Jeep is a celebrity.
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