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Not much of anything happened today

Well today was uneventful. I pretty much didn't leave the hotel. I had planned to do a park like part of the Blue Ridge or do the historical downtown. I wanted to see George Washington's office or the cemetery. But from the looks of google maps there was only parallel parking and metered parking. I don't have any coins. Also the streets could be one way and from street view it looked cramped and difficult to drive. Just looking at the maps made me uneasy. Getting there was hard too with angled streets and several with more than four intersections which is confusing. I decided not to go. I thought about going to a state park 20 mins away but was waiting for a phone call from Rooms to Go (more on that disaster later) and didn't want to be out of wifi range. And on top of that the weather's been crap. It's cold in the 50s, cloudy and it finally lightly rained in the afternoon making everything just miserable. So I didn't go to the park either. I decided to just stay in my room and check out the lobby. I really wanted to see the George Washington stuff and go to the library. Oh well. I figured I'd done enough driving though and I guess a day or rest was needed after all.

Well Rooms to Go never called me about the couch. Chris texted me the truck had just shown up and I thought that was good but odd. Though it made me mad they didn't call or text me an hour early like they are supposed to. Not long after that Chris calls me back and I knew something was wrong. The couch came damaged from the factory. The drivers said that was the 3rd piece of furniture today they failed to deliver because when they opened it on the truck it was damaged. This makes me think it's not an accident. Three pieces on the same day on the same truck. I suspect there's an angry guy at the factory sabotaging furniture and we got unlucky. Chris called them and they apologized but can't make another delivery until NEXT Wednesday. So that really REALLY sucks. Chris has an empty space in his room. He had to make a make shift set up. I was mad too but nothing I could do from up here. So he dealt with them. Also it was storming bad in Florida so we were both stuck at home today.

I hooked up the PS4 to the TV but I can't play Plague Inc because it requires internet. That ruined it for me. It's stupid to need internet. The game should be played off line. Because it's the hotel's wifi I can't use it. That means I won't be able to show Gamma this game. I hate download games too. I wanted a physical disk and box for this game and to buy it in person in the store. I hate so much about modern gaming. I played Skyrim for a short time but didn't do much. I don't know why but sadly that game gives me headaches the last times I have played it. I think I'll use the PS4 to watch a movie later tonight.

I have booked my hotel in New York and it's a five hour drive there. I also booked my hotel in Ottawa. I had to choose between three hotels. One didn't have my dates so that's out the window now. The other two did and after looking at photos and seeing one was too fancy and you had to pay for food I was able to easily make my choice. The other wasn't as in a nice location. It wasn't on the river but it was cheaper and has free breakfast so that's important to me. So that's it. I'll post the pics I was too tired to post last night.

This is a scene from the pond that Actiption took me to in NC. So lovely this little bridge with the trees. I found the beware of snakes sign interesting. Funny enough I saw a snake swimming so that was so appropriate. Oh and thanks to jokerforever for IDing the fish I saw. A Glass Carp or Grass Carp. Not sure which is right for the common name but this is definitely what I saw.

Tail and scales were just like that.

This was the business center's pond we walked around. It was so beautiful. We walked around twice.

A green dove soap. Ok I had to post this because I was amazed at all the scents of Dove soap I found at the walgreens in NC. In Florida you only have white and pink. This is cucumber soap and smells for fresh and spring like. There were many other scents and colors I will post those next time. But the cucumber dove scents are my fave bath products. PLEASE don't discontinue them because I like them.

These were cute Sfears out by the entrance of the lobby. Haha. I love the colors and how they look in the garden. There were more and I got pics of them as well.

So tomorrow I'm off to New York. Oh I did get a bit of art done today. I started a sketch dump and drew Fear relaxed sitting next to a river and looking at his creepy reflection.
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