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Best and Worst driving day today

So I left fairly early from ACtipton's house today and started my trip to Virginia. But there was an accident on 77 holding everything up. If you guys are interested in seeing uncut raw vids of my driving I can make a locked post just for that since I don't have time or the memory on my computer for a nice edited video. This laptop is too slow for using sony vegas and even just uploading gopro videos to youtube directly takes forever. But that I don't mind and will do if you guys want to see this accident. But driving past that wasn't the worst part. Not long after I got into Virginia the road went between two mountains and it funnels the wind in. It is 65 mph but there are signs saying adjust your speed to meet demands of the weather. My gosh that's the scariest thing I've done so far and I was freaking out. The wind comes in hard and you're on a cliff. I had to slow down to 50 it was intense and everyone was slowing down. Trucks were flashing their hazards. I was pretty scared but I made it. And after that nasty place it was smooth sailing and rather comfortable speeds. What I liked was that a lot of it there were hardly any cars. I could go the speed limit if I wanted to OR go under it without worrying about jerks behind me.

I finally made it to my hotel in Winchester VA.

Here it is. The Aloft. It's so colorful, techie and modern inside. I got a strong sense of being in college again. A tech feel like the engineering area or something from MIT. Well that vib was right and later I found out this is a college town which I wasn't too thrilled about. There is a university here. I thought the hotel was pretty empty but after 5 everyone came home and now there are cars everywhere. I'm glad i parked when I did and got a good spot.

Find me room. Hint, find Fear and you'll find my room. I am on the 3rd floor.

Here you see Fear looking out the window. That thing next to him is cool and something I nee to try out. You can hook up your tech to it so I could play my ps4 on the TV here or watch my dvd's on the laptop. This is what I mean by this hotel is so techie and I love that it's nerd and electronics friendly.

Fear is watching over my Jeep. I'm glad I parked where I can see it from my room.

I love all these Sfears in the garden by the lobby. So colorful.
I have more pics to share but I'm so tired I'll stop here for tonight. I'm not sure what I'm doing tomorrow. I want to go to one of those parks that has the look outs or the blue ridge pass but I don't want to drive far away. Maybe I'll just go to the downtown and try to find the George Washington office and statue or just stay in my room. It will be nice to sleep in for once. Though I do sleep with the windows open because I love being woken up by the sun light of sunrise. I'm getting the urge to draw as I think of Fear and Pyranax.

An it's cold here. WTF? It's June. Summer already. What's with nights in the 50s? No help, I'm up north. Haha. I don't want to bust out the long pants and light long sleeves but I may have to. I've worn shorts up til now on this trip.
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