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05 June 2017 @ 10:03 pm
Heading to Virginia  
Hey everyone. I saw your comments. Haven't had time to reply but saw all of them and hope to have time to comment tomorrow. Thanks for what all was said. I haven't had time to post photos or much of anything else. Well let me get the bad stuff out of the way first. Fear is a jerk. He turned on me yesterday. He does that sometimes. I was feeling great and quite happy with myself of how I've done this amazing journey so far. But then last night while in bed I got really scared though I had a day of rest and didn't have to do any long drives. I felt like I was still moving which is totally unnatural for me. I knew it was all in my head because when I'm on boats and trains which rock way more I don't feel this way. I don't get motion sickness so it wasn't that and that type of medicine wouldn't have done anything. I started getting some wild imaginations in a bad way too. I'm not ashamed to admit this because what I'm doing and doing it alone is a major thing as I do have a phobia I'm facing. I keep thinking about what I heard. "I'll come out cured or come out worse once this is over." I won't be cured I'm pretty sure of that because I've been driving since 1993 and nothing has made me better. Anyway, I was having serious thoughts of quitting and going home last night. I felt bad because not only would I be quitting a dream but I know Gamma and CVersailles were looking forward to meeting me and I'd be letting them down. I've come this far just to turn around seems wrong. But I was seriously considering it. So I had an unpleasant night. I texted Chris but he'd gone to bed. Luckily Peregrine was up and she talked with me and helped me out a lot. This morning I told Chris about it and the stupid dream I had about Elton John being run over by his own tour bus. Chris supported me in whatever I chose but he encouraged me to finish the trip. Actipton and her family were behind me too. I had breakfast. I hadn't had much meat yesterday because of the limited diet but I finally got some chicken in my today and I felt much better. Plus I had a day to recover which made me feel better too.

I went online because today was the day I had to decide to press on or go home. I looked up the hotels because if I went on today was the day I had to book the first one. Well I love the hotel I found in Winchester VA. It's so modern, lit up and amazing looking that I decided to not give up. So I am heading to Virginia tomorrow. I got a great rate on it. Chris also reminded me thousands of people make this drive and I can do it. I tried to remind myself I'm a safe and good driver too. ACtipton drove with me for two days now and told me I'm safe like her father and a good driver. But you know how Logic and Fear don't communicate when Fear's irrational. Hence I'm using his irrational icon for this post. I'm glad that I have decided to keep going. I've also decided to spend two days in Winchester and only one in NY as that extra day of do nothing is so helpful. Another thing I found out is Shenandoah and the Blue Ride Parkway is so close that that IS something I'd love to drive on. It's slow speeds and beautiful mountain outlooks. So all that made me press on at least to VA and after that we'll see how I feel.

Other than that stupidity in my own mind I am doing well. Today was great. Yesterday was great too. Actipton took me to this pond she goes walking around. It is next to a business building and fed by a storm drain. I got to see robins, a water snake and a the tail of a giant fish. I wonder what it was? It wasn't a koi. It was bigger and was grey with huge scales. It was raining and we walked around in the rain. So I got to use my new rain jacket and it works great.

Today I stayed home mostly. I did go out once to get supplies from Walgreens. Then I went to go eat at Bojangles but missed my turn. It was a bit stressful as traffic was high as it was the lunch hour. But I managed to make a turn around at a Chevy dealership and got to see nice cars like camaros and corvettes. I had a chicken filet and it was delicious. I've never eaten at one of these places. Then came home again and took it easy. Actiption and her mom and I watched Flight of the Snow Geese. Gosh I love that documentary so much. I've been keeping in contact with Chris though his skype isn't working. I hope he can get it fixed because it's way better if we can see each other. So again I have almost everything packed except for that morning stuff that just can't be packed til morning.

Oh and when I was at may aunt's in Georgia I picked up a new lifer. I saw a Scarlet Tanager male. Even got some crummy pics of him. Well please pray for me that I have a safe journey. This IS scary but also exciting. It IS an adventure.

OH almost forgot to say. I finally picked up South Carolina. YAY. I can color it on my map finally and say I've been there. And I'm not impressed. North Carolina is better. Oh well I can finally say I've been there which was the point.

I leave you with a video of my drive around the Georgia house.

kabuldur: Asterkabuldur on June 6th, 2017 11:03 am (UTC)
If you felt like you were still moving when you went to bed then maybe you have an ear infection or fluid in the ear. I'd go to a doctor if it gets any worse. But it seems to have gone away, now. I wish you a fun journey from here on.

Thank you for your video. Your aunt sure does live in a beautiful place!

I may miss out on some of your travels as I am going on a short one of my own to see my new grandson but will only be away for a few days and may get on my daughter's computer or Old Flame's while I am there.

You will be in my thoughts. Oh, and great you picked up a new lifer, and I bet he was pretty!
Desthagirion on June 7th, 2017 11:52 am (UTC)
I think it was all in my head. Yes I'm totally fine now and was fine that next morning. Ears feel good.

Glad you liked it. Wanted to show how nice it was there.

Ok that's fine. You have a good trip too then.

Yes the scarlet tanager was very pretty.
kabuldurkabuldur on June 12th, 2017 12:50 pm (UTC)
I'm glad that you are fine, now.

It's absolutely pretty there.

I'm back now and caught up on your trip posts, I think :)

I looked them up and they are very colourful indeed. And fairly uncommon, too, I read.
(Deleted comment)
Desthagirion on June 7th, 2017 11:50 am (UTC)
Yes I'm thankful I had the encouragement. I'm in Virginia now. The pond was very cool and loved all the things I saw there. Yeah I loved that about the video since I can't see my own hood when I drive.
jokerforeverjokerforever on June 7th, 2017 12:52 am (UTC)
Fear is truly unpredictable. That sucks that phobia reared it's ugly head, yet I'm glad you decided to go forward with the trip with the support given by Peregrine, Chris, and Actipton. I'm glad you had a nice day besides, the giant fish certainly sounds interesting. I'm rather inclined to say it was a glass carp based on research, those tend to be bigger than the average koi and seem to fit the description well with the exception of color. I also pray a safe journey for you.
Desthagirion on June 7th, 2017 11:49 am (UTC)
Definitely. I'm glad to have gotten over it now and made it out even further. Chris, Peregrine and ACtipton have been wonderful helping me through this. Oh thanks! I think that's the fish. The tail looked just like this one.


Thank you. Over half way now.
(Deleted comment)
Desthagirion on June 10th, 2017 10:44 am (UTC)
Hey I was just thinking about you yesterday. That's ok. I thought you were away at school since you mentioned something about it. I'm glad to see you now. I know it's annoying using someone else's computer. I'm glad you like my posts so far.

Oh gosh you too. Oh you had a bad dream too. Yes I am very tired. This is some intense driving. I've just about had it actually but I have to visit one more friend after Gamma that's only two hours away. That's not so bad. Then I can't wait to go home. Chris and Peregrine helped me they were great.

It's too bad people kill snakes without identifying them first to see if they are dangerous or harmless.