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North Carolina Tomorrow

I didn't get a chance to upload photos or edit video today like I would have liked but it was a very nice day. Got up pretty early and walked around the property. Had some breakfast snacks. Then later in the day Aunt Lori had to go into town to buy food for the house for the week. So I went with her because I needed those driving shoes. Found a good one with awesome coors. Here's the one I got in Thunder Reef color.
It has very good reviews on Amazon and it is pretty soft and should work great for the driving part of this. I also like the colors and designs. It looks like a computer/electronics or chemical formulas. Then we came home. I drove around filming my jeep. I filmed from the dashboard, I placed the camera on trees and on the ground to film the jeep going through the creeks and roads. That was very fun and cool. Then after that I decided to photograph around the property. I put the Gopro in the creeks and that will make for some relaxing videos. I love the sound of a babbling brook. I prefer that sound, it rushing over stones more than waterfalls which have more of a crashing sound. This video should show the difference between both sounds since there are small cascades on the property. Then my aunt wanted a rid in my jeep so we went to go look for black berries. We found some but only like six were ripe. All the rest are red so they're not ready yet.

I checked the tracing and the headlights arrived finally. I also got a decal that arrived today that is of a T-rex and it says "Your stick family was delicious"

Chris sent me photos of both. I love the box for the headlights. It's nice to have a legit product not a cheap Chinese rip off that's illegal. I drove a bit in the dark today and the factory lights suck so I wish I had these. Too bad I don't have them on the trip. I look forward to having them installed.

I've got almost everything packed. There are those annoying things you can't pack until the next morning like contacts, tooth brush and the sleep clothes you're currently wearing. It's weird how packing always works out that way. So I got almost everything I can loaded up and will get up tomorrow and hope to leave by sunrise. It says Charlotte is only 4 hours but it might take me longer with gas, rest stops and photo stops. I'll finally get to visit South Carolina and there might be some places I pull over just for photography.

Good night everyone.
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