Des (thagirion) wrote,

The Worst is over now

So I made it to my aunt's up in Georgia. The drive was difficult and I am tired. I made the mistake of now wearing my normal tennis shoes. I wore my hiking boots which are great for walking and hiking but too heavy for driving. So I put on my water shoes/socks which are light and they were a bit better for driving but terrible for walking. I have a pair of flip flops to try. If those don't work I'm going to have to get stupid shoes on this trip. That will be annoying. Just something I didn't even think about.

Traffic was bad and scary in some areas and my GPS routed me in a weird way that I missed Atlanta somehow. I actually was looking forward to driving through it to see all the buildings. So I'll have to figure my own way when I come home. So the longest 8-9 hours is over now. I'm always amazed when I come here. I did take pics and videos but too tired to post any tonight. Can't do videos with the limited internet I have here.

This place has great trails leading to the house of gravel and two creeks to cross. It's awesome and like your own private off road mountain. Tomorrow I plan to film more of that and get different angles going through the water. I really miss Chris. Wish he was with me. I know he loves his aunt's place too. Everyone here loved my Jeep and my art. So I think that's about it for now.

Oh checked tracking stupid headlights are just sitting in Tampa though they changed hands from UPS to USPS which adds to the delay. It's definitely arriving tomorrow. Chris got my plants. I can't wait to see pics.
Tags: travel
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