Des (thagirion) wrote,

More Scary Art

My drawing of Scary Fear for the hood is finally finished. Check this out.

I'm quite happy with it and if it prints as good as this looks I'll have a great thing going.

But there are still some issues. Here's what it will look like on the hood.

I'm having the problem of the hood bumpers and that loop covering him. He's not centered or the loop would be on his face. I don't mind so much his wings covered by the round bumpers but I'm not sure what to do about it. I can remove them from the hood but I worry about there being holes and water condensation getting into my engine and then ruining the decal too. There are some flat bumpers I could get but don't now if the sticker will stick to them as it won't be a smooth surface and again I worry about water condensation getting in and causing bubbling. This is most annoying. The drawing has to be off center so it's not on his face and then I'll have to puncture it to put these things back on. So far I don't see a way to keep them off.

Well you guys may know the background was giving me a hard time. I downloaded some cloud brushes today. I found this great site called Brusheezy. It's too bad that sometimes these brush packs come with way more brushes than I need. I have tons of brushes in my photoshop right now and really need to get rid of the ones I never use. But I'm glad I found some cloud ones as I've just been using the same cloud ones over and over and I'm getting tired of my stuff looking the same.

I had to take Sandwich to the vet today. Bullet bit him the other day. It was a small bite in his side and I didn't think anything of it. But he started picking it and it got way worse and all infected.

I had the idea to make a vest out of Vet Wrap since the collars they had were too big. There was a love bird collar but it was still too big. My vet loved this idea and said she will order a smaller collar and to use this little vest until then. He got a shot of antibiotics and a bottle to put in his drinking water. He kept putting his feet in the vest so he couldn't walk but was flopping around the floor of the cage. I knew he was just being dramatic. I put the perch low and eventually I guess he got bored because now he's standing like in the pic and using his feet normally.

Well that's been the biggest excitement today. I'm going to stop here as I'm rather sleepy.
Tags: budgies, scary fear
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