Des (thagirion) wrote,

New bed finally and phone review

At last we got our new bed and this time it was the right one. The delivery came way earlier than expected and they didn't even give me time they just called and said they were outside. That was annoying but glad to get it over with early. I could tell right away this bed is softer and will be much better. Later today I went to Walmart and got new covers for it. I got more Jurassic World Sheets and will post that pic in time. I'm looking forward to a good sleep tonight.

I have finally made that review of my phone that I said I would share with you guys. So here is the video.

I made only tiny progress on the Easter drawing so I guess it won't be finished before the end of April after all. Tomorrow Chris and I will work around the house so I will probably not have time to draw or work on it. But I do have an April drawing which is Bringer of Light so that's good.
Tags: house, phone
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