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Easter Art

Well my Easter went very well. Chris and I had a quiet one. We went out to the storage and got some good work done in there. Finally when you look in there you can really see walls and floor. Pretty soon I think we can swap stuff around between both units and put the stuff we're getting rid of in the big one. But it still won't be easy as there is big furniture to move even if it is only a few hundred feet away. Chris got me a cute Easter Basket with a Peeps bunny. A blue one as that's my fave. They didn't make the Peep chick or he would have gotten me that of course.

I got a chance to make some art today. I started an Easter Drawing but no way it can be done in time. So this will be late. Probably a few days late as I'm such a slow artist but here are all the elements.

This drawing will feature Scary Fear of course. I wanted it to be a scary Easter and to have something more frightening than a chicken. A terror bird came to mind but instead of drawing an extinct bird I decided to go with one of those lovely not well known living terror birds the Shoe Billed Stork. These birds are amazing with the big bill. They do look very scary with a mean look and probably can bite really hard. They love to eat freshwater eels. This is the closest thing you can get to a living terror bird today. And they can fly. So in my drawing this guy is going to be scaled up to add to the terror. He'll be about 10 feet tall. He's part of the background.

And this is the foreground. Scary Fear will be crouching in front of him and scaled down. He'll be holding a giant evil black egg. It's based on an emu egg so it will be greenish black and is spewing toxic yolk as it laughs. Notice a subtle detail. Fear's shoes. I toyed with the idea of having no shoes in this drawing so you could see his raven feet. Those aren't to scale it's just for me to get an idea if I like this or not. They are too thick and look more like raptor claws. If I do decide to go this route his feet will be the thinner feet of ravens. I like the left foot because it's upside down and curled up since he's sitting on it. But I will still ink this with his shoes. And originally the egg was going to be facing to the right. This way everyone's facing all three directions; left, right and center. But I felt it didn't look right. Not for this piece. The side view is great if that egg were looking at something else but it's not. So I think I will go with the forward view. I'm very excited about this drawing but this will probably be very late. I think this will take me a few days to ink and color.
Tags: easter, scary fear
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