Des (thagirion) wrote,

Fear pic done at last

I have finally finished this. I think I will name it Bringer of light. I'm posting it here first and then I'll post this on DA once I finish the recolors of my older art.

I'm quite proud of this. Both Fear and the background look wonderful. I'm really getting used to his new look. BTW, new default icon for me. Yes I must find time to animate this. Maybe not just blinking but opening and closing his mouth? We'll see. Love my creepy boy.

Prospects for getting the house we want are looking better. Wish us luck with that. But at the same time it's kind of bad. If we get approved we'll have to hurry up and sell this one. We need to get it fixed up and get all my mother's junk out of it. I know it will be hard to sell with all the repairs it needs. When it comes to houses seems everything is always in a hurry. Well here's hoping that the place we want will also lower the price. We'll make an offer to bring it down 10 grand. I hope they go for that. They've lowered the price twice already and it's been up since at least Dec so seems we're the only ones interested in it. I hate haggling but these are big dollar amounts so we need it to come down as much as we can. So very exciting news and because of the extra work that needs to be done I may have to vanish from DA again. We'll see.
Tags: icons, scary fear
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