Des (thagirion) wrote,

Lovely Fear and a budgie

Just posting some of my art again as some of my friends in real life wanted to see them. No need to comment again for those of you that already have.

Scary Fear in the drawing Phobophile. Lover of Fear. I just love my raven neuron so much. He's fun to draw.

Fear's Conspiracy. A flock of ravens is called a Conspiracy as some of you may know. This is my tribute to the Victorius album cover Dreamchaser.
So many of their songs fit Scary Fear so well. I'd love for them to see this sometime. My raven neuron and scary boy.

And a pic of Bullet I drew in Samsung Notes. It's a very basic program I don't really know how to use. The strangest thing is I don't know where the files are being saved to. I had to email this to myself and it came out tiny as you see. Looks bigger in the program. I don't know.

I've got so many ideas for Scary Fear. I'm very inspired right now and will post some concepts I hope to get some feed back on soon. Today was a good day. Chris and I moved almost 20 boxes out of storage. And still it looks over whelming. I don't think we'll finish before the 1st.
Tags: budgies, bullet, scary fear
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