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Stormcrow and new tablet

Today has been a very good day. I have finished another recolor of Scary Fear. This one was hard because there was a layer that was messing up all my colors. But I finally figured out what was wrong. This looks so much better now.

The three hairs really look so nice with this. I need to redo all the pics on my phone now. So Chris had one call this morning then we went to the storage unit and took several box loads to Salvation Army. I'm so happy with the progress we made while there. I don't know if there's much for me to do tomorrow as what's left is too heavy for me to lift perhaps. I don't know yet. So after two loads we went to Best Buy and to my new tablet the Samsung Galaxy S3. Here are some pics.

This is the lock screen. The image rotates with the position of the tablet.

And this is my home screen. I think the screen is 9.7 inches. It's very thin and light. The keyboard comes separate but the pen is included. The pen feels very smooth. I have no trouble using it instead of my finger to type with it I'm using the laptop alone. I call it a laptop because it is a little computer really. My gosh I love this so much better than my phone now. The phone is just that a phone. So a great idea to get this to buy apps for it. The pen feels really nice. There are two cheap art programs on the computer. I can't judge it yet as an art tool because I don't know how to use the programs. I hope I can find something I can use like photoshop with layers and I can open a drawing in it as I need to ink what I've already sketched on paper. As far as drawing from scratch well I suck at it still so I don't know if I can do all digital art with no paper yet. I don't know why drawing digitally my lines come out like crap and so shakey. I wish there was photoshop on this but I have to find the right ap for me. Photoshop was so easy to use. From the start I just knew what all the icons did and things were easy to find. All other programs I feel are hard because stuff is hidden a not in obvious place. On these portable devices they're even missing the basic row at the top with the buttons like File, Edit, Image etc. How can someone work without those for anything? So yeah, can't say much about how the art side of this is yet. I haven't mastered anything. I feel I haven't mastered the computer either. I'm still trying to decide what apps I want. I finally got Poly Clock and am not impressed. I think Terra Time is better despite the bad graphics on the earth. Perhaps I can get my money back on that. I also am not impressed with Bird Translator. Again I can't find settings, file edit etc to find the screen caps shown on the website. But I'll talk about individual apps at another time.

The screen looks very nice. The keyboard feels nice but it is small. The numbers row is a bit hard to use. Luckily I have skinny fingers so it's not too hard. It came with MS Word so I can write stories while I'm traveling too so that's nice. I hate that youtube only works in the app. If I watch it in the browser it doesn't load but I prefer desktop view. I have a volume control that way. This computer has four speakers but I haven't really tested the sound yet. It's supposed to be good and better with good headphones. But for traveling I think this will be great. It has skype installed so I need to log into that and fix my contacts then test it on the tablet. You're supposed to be able to sync up your phone with your tablet too but I haven't done it because it wants my finger print. I'm hesitant to do that because then Chris won't be able to use my phone. It can take up to 4 so he could put his on it but it seems a hassle to me. They should just sync the way the phone does with the car stereo. So I have to import all my mp3s and pics from the computer again instead of transferring what's already on my phone. But I think I'm going to like this thing a lot. It's just too soon to do a real review yet. I found out that Best Buy is partnered with Samsung and has access to these things before the official release date. So that's how I got mine before release date while everything else is preorder only. No wonder T Mobile and Staples didn't have them when I looked. It's like a Best Buy Pre Sale exclusive.
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