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Budgies, plants and JP

So I need to take it a bit easy because of my relapse from my surgery. I don't like not being as active as I used to be. I made a follow up appointment with another doctor but it's a ways off. Soonest they could see me so we'll see how it goes. But other interesting things have been going on. I've been looking up seeds of my fave plants. I hope to be well enough to garden this year. The Tabebuia tree I planted is blooming right now. I should get a pic of it. I'm behind on pics and art because of this. I'm starting to think about rare cucurbits again. How I love that plant family. It's my fave for having such unusual fruits and vines. I'm still on the search for the rare Fluted Pumpkin that I saw years ago at Epcot. I don't know why they are the only ones in the US that seem to have it. Gosh I'd love one. Telfairia occidentalis. Too bad I don't know anyone in West Africa that could just send me seeds. I'm thinking of trying Casa Banana again though that went very badly the last few times. That may be the first seed order I put in. And yesterday I was looking up Nepenthes. Not good I shouldn't be doing that since I need to save my money.

Bullet the budgie has laid three eggs in a very strange place. They are in the food dish. I hadn't planned to breed her but the Phage line must go on so I will let her have it though it is not a proper nest. With the mess from all my mother's things in the house I don't know where the candler went so I can't check if these little eggs are fertile or not. It would be nice. I told Chris if they hatch and she can get them to 5 or 7 days I can take over handfeeding from there. I'm not well enough to set up a proper nest and cage right now so I'm just going to allow her to have this and hope for the best. I had to put in a second bowl because with her using the food dish I don't think Sandwich was getting anything to eat.

And I've also been looking up JP Jeeps. I really want to paint my Jeep in those colors. I can't wait for that but again got to keep saving up. So today is the last day of Feb. I changed all the calendars as I like to do that a day early. I have a Jeep calendar and this month's Jeep is a yellow one going through mud. That's neat.

I got Chris a new GPS as a gift. It's the same model as mine only it also has traffic. I'm so glad and he loves it now. He's put in all his addresses into it and it's much bigger and more up to date than the really old one. After driving his truck home the other day I hated how crappy that one was. The screen was dark and faded. I don't know how he could see anything on it. So yes newer one that's way better. I got him the one with Traffic because he needs that more than I do.

I paid off my cell phone the other day so now I completely own it which is a nice feeling. I think I figured out all the bugs in it and got it just how I want it. I should do a review on it sometime as I have very few negatives to say about it.

I have another sketch page half done of Fear drawings. I am not getting many ideas for what to fill in the final spaces with though so it may be a while before I finish it. I want to get back to work on comics but sitting at the computer and working with the tablet is tiring and I just can't do it yet. I hope I can get over this so I can get back to that. But for now I'm doing pencil art at least. I'm lucky to have finished the raptor for AudeS.
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