Des (thagirion) wrote,

21st Anniversary tomorrow

Tomorrow is our 21st anniversary. I am hoping to be well enough to go out as I'd like Chris to take me to one of the beaches and to a nice restaurant. I haven't had much appetite after the surgery and I'm sick of the same chicken meal I have been eating for the last two weeks. I'd like something like a fish or seafood. I don't know how much I can walk but I'd like to walk some of the coast and enjoy some nature. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and beautiful. It's been cold the last few days. The only thing is it's Saturday and everyone will be doing the same thing and it likely won't be so peaceful. Not so sure taking a day off is a good idea financially but well I'd like to do something nice even if it's just going out to the coast.

My cellphone has been a good little friend for me while sick. I've enjoyed playing with the calendar. I love looking at the weather on that as I enjoy looking at the temp change. I use google maps a lot in satellite mode too to find places to visit and possibly kayak from.

Art wise I haven't done much. I have half a page of Fear sketches that are nice though and I should get around to filling the page out if I get the energy and motivation. But that's something I can't wait to get back to also. I have so many ideas I want to draw and great stories in the works. Plus came up with a short story for Fear while I was in bed I should draw one scene from as a sketch.
Tags: anniversary
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