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All the junk

Ok so here are just SOME photos of the mess in the house. These are from the first day I set foot in the house and Chris and I were so shocked by all of this. We have since managed to bag all the clothes that weren't in closets....I think.

The main living room? Where did she sit to watch TV? All the couches are full of garbage. Magazines, papers, thousands and thousand of pens. She would go to doctor's conventions and they'd give her tons of pens. I went on a few at first. It was amusing but then it got ridiculous. Oh and all that Christmas stuff. She was too obsessed with Christmas all year round. I'm glad I missed that obsession. That table. How can you eat there? You can't even sit as the chairs are covered in clothes.

Her den/home office.

My mother never read anything. What was the point of all these stupid books? I was the reader not her. My mother was all about appearances. If you have lots of books you look smart and educated. If you wear fancy clothes you look rich and powerful and pretty. Her and I were so opposite I can not relate to that stuff. I just see negative dollar signs when I look at this crap. It makes me very angry she wasted what would have been mine and now it's my problem.

Master bedroom. There are at least four huge cabinets in here but you'd never know it from all the stupid clothes everywhere. There was a tiny open area on her bed. I guess she slept with all those papers.

Master bathroom. One sink barely exposed. The other is a storage area. You can't use the shower because of the clothes or the tub. How did you shower and wash? At least you could get to the toilet on the right. We cleared this room out at least. Now I have to wash it all down to get rid of all the powder everywhere. I don't wear make up. I think I am naturally beautiful and don't need a clown's mask to look pretty.

I'm trying hard to open a work space to write on that counter top. It's a lovely counter but you'd never know it as you can't see anything.

All this food. I'm going to just have to toss it all. Luckily there's nothing perishable. Just powdered things and canned things. And opening any cabinet or drawer in any room is aweful as everything is stuffed to capacity.

This is what I call The Middle Room. Second worst room in the house after the master. It was a toss up between this and the den but I can actually walk into the den. I can't walk in here. This room we've started to work on and there is some floor space and bed space now. You know how you have to make a mess to clean a mess. That bit of floor is now covered because we had to get to the side first.

Laundry hallway to the garage.

And part of the garage. Two car garage but you can only just barely get one car in. We managed to get Chris's truck in here and he had to climb over it to get in the house. We don't do that anymore. Oh and those two garbage cans are easily filled and it doesn't help.

So this is what I am up against and why I can't put the house up for sale. Things are better now. This was the initial shock of it all but we still have a long way to go. Found out my Jeep won't arrive til tonight so I probably won't get it til tomorrow. So that's annoying to lose another day. So as far as getting another day or rest I don't know if I can as now I'm just anxious to start on things and can't rest. Another wasted day.

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