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They're FINALLY finished!!!

Woo hoo!!! I'm so happy and proud of myself. After many days of working hard on my mood icon set it is finally finished!! Please look through my journal folks to see some of them. What's funny is that after all that work some emotions I'll never use like drunk or lonely. I may use them just so people can see them but explain I'm not feeling that way. The drunk one is halarious actually. Today I worked especially hard on the remaining ones and it was hard to think up stuff. I worked all day on them. I was gonna do some Stunt Dawg ones but the vcr hooked up to the puter is not acting right and I don't want to put my rare tapes in it. I really need to transfer them to dvd where they'll be safe. I had a hard time choosing which one to use but I can't shake this darn thirst I have so I picked that one. But I'm also feeling accomplished, proud and aggravated. Aggravated because it took a long time to set it up. Live journal is stupid for not having the boxes set in alphabetical order. That and my connection keeps cutting out. I thought I was gonna lose all the work I'd put in. That was annoying. All the gif budgies I made myself in photoshop.

So now that this is done I'm gonna try to work on expanding my sidebar to show what books and drawings I'm currently working on. I got the code for it and think I can do it. Yesterday we harvested two giant squash, a few small ones, a few peas and some cucumbers. I'll put the pics up soon. I'm tired of uploading so I wont do that tonight.

Yesterday we went to the park and saw so many awesome birds. The resident ospreys have at least two chicks in their nest and I saw one parent bringing a small brim to them. I saw two limpkin flying which was exciting because they are a rare sight. I brought my digital camera but the battery died and I was kicking myself because I saw two water snakes mating and I couldn't take their pic. grrrr. None of the pics from the park turned out.

My friend Kitora called me last night and I missed her call. I was watching a movie really loud and didn't hear the phone. I'm kicking myself. It would have been fun to talk to her since we rare communicate because she's in college. I tried to call her back but was only able to leave a message. I'm gonna pick up a phone card and see what I can do about getting a phone card to try and call her this weekend. Chris and I were watching the new Popeye movie The Search for Pappy. It's 3D rendered and was actually very good. They stayed faithful to the original and it had so many witty and cleaver lines. The only thing that was odd was that Popeye and Bluto were friends.

I think that's about it. Hope I didn't leave anything out. I'm so hyper and excited right now.
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