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Making way on the mood icons

Yesterday was so productive I was freaking out. I made some real headway with the mood icons. I was looking through the DVD collection and spotted a cartoon I forgt I had and how could I forget since it's SOOO me! I grew up with The White Seal. If you guys haven't seen that cartoon you HAVE to see it. It's GOLD! It affected me so much as a kid and probably got me into pinnipeds. Most of you don't know I love seals because I'm always talking about birds and snakes but it's true. There are lots of things most people don't know about me, some because I am just more focused on other things and some because I could never discuss online in a place where any joe shmoe could see it. No, I don't talk about everything like some people do. You see what I want you to see. Anyway back to The White Seal. It affected me in a good way and would give me such a sense of awe and wonder when I would watch it. The music really got to me with the theme being Beethoven's 6th symphony 3rd movement. In fact that's the music I used as my entrance on my wedding day. It's such a beautiful piece full of life. So I made a whole bunch of screen caps and most of them are gonna be in my mood theme. I'm so glad and I don't mind that those will dominate over everything else because it's a rather obscure film and definitely unique for me.

Well despite that I still have several moods to create though nothing like the list was when I first started. Problem is that most of the emotions left are hard for me to think of what to use or they are moods I don't really have so it's hard for me to even think of anything. Help! Well, I AM thinking of using my characters again from Day of Recoking 2 and possibly Stunt Dawgs which is also a very obscure 90s cartoon only I know about.

Then Chris came home and we went out to eat then the book store to pick up book three of Harry potter. But I found something there I hadn't expected to find. I went into the humor section and there I found a PEEP book! OMG!!! Of course Chris got it for me because I was freaking out. The cover is glitter though which is a bad idea. It gets all over my fingers. But the pics are funny. I'll scan it and put it up tomorrow. It's about the day in the life of a family of peeps. There's a year book and everything and a mistery in the Peep newspaper. I haven't started reading any of them yet but I will soon. I'm looking forward to them but think the Peep book will take me a while to read because there's so much stuff in it and I'm a slow reader though I think I have improved lately speed wise.

And today I found out another of my most beloved childhood films I grew up with is finally on DVD. Another obscure one. Yes I didn't watch what most kids did. The Easter Bunny Is Coming To Town is out. I have it on VHS and now on DVD. I love the stop motion animation, the cute look and the wonderful songs in it. I think it was 1980 when I first saw it. I'm gonna make an unofficial soundtrack for it.

The garden is growing like mad! We have the first tiny green tomatoes coming out now!! There are squash EVERYWHERE! I'm gonna have to start giving it away. I've got the pickling cucumbers popping out, peas and salad greens. The funny part is I can't cook to save my life and I have no desire to learn so I most likely WILL be giving most of my fruits away. I love growing veggies but can't cook and only keept he ones I can eat raw and put on sandwhiches like tomatoes. I've been polinating the swan gourds and pumpkins and think some of the gourds are starting to grow on the vines. I hope they'll make it this year. Oh this next part is good and bad. There's a mockingbird that has claimed the yard as his territory and he has a mate. I love them because they are so tame. They land next to me every morning when I water. I talk to them and they follow me around. I've had them from within three feet of me and I can see the scales on their feet. I must buy mealworms and oranges for them to show that I love them. Well I don't love them at night as they've started singing at night now. Night singing is perfectly normal mockingbird behavior, but I wish they wouldn't do it so close to my house. Of course I don't want them to leave so I'm just gonna have to try and tune them out somehow. Silly birds, they should be sleeping at night not singing. Of course I love bird songs with the first light. That's fine, just not at 3am. Oh and a pair of English Sparrows has moved in as well. I don't know where their nest is but I remember the day whent he male first showed up and started eating out of the feeder. It was like a week ago. Recently I saw him with a hen so he's got a mate now. I'm glad they like the feeder and wonder why we've not had English sparrows move in sooner.

Ok, well here's the list of moods left to go. Seems like a lot but it's not compared to what it was.


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