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Fall is here, reworked drawing and stuff

I have been very busy making art the last few days. My mind has been a buzz with ideas too for stories. I have come up with so much stuff that's so good I need to write down little notes just so I don't forget them. They are still fresh in my mind. I want to finish the pic of George as the hybrid today. I will keep the background simple and it should be a very nice pic. I'll probably put him on that simple green background like I did of Ophidius with his wings just as a show case. Yesterday I finished the pic of Sorath and the Sun Staff.

The main difference on this from the last one was that I added the grain texture to his skull. Now it's finally accurate. I didn't know how to do that back then. The shading is now gradient shading instead of that fuzzy brush style which I don't like. And the line quality is way better. You can see it on DA HERE and there's a link to the old one for comparison.

I got my mini jack o lanterns for my trip in the mail the other day.

That's an 8oz water bottle back there for scale. They are small and travel size perfect to "decorate" our room on the ship with. One for each of us so we can celebrate Halloween. I had to order these from China because there weren't any in the US for some reason. Sigh. I have looked and there's nothing like this this year. Not in this small size.

Oh and we're in Sept now. To me the 1st is the official start of Fall. I will slowly start to decorate the house. This is wonderful. I went to Walmart and they already have some Fall and Halloween stuff out. That's awesome. I'm so happy and I do feel a coolness in the air. It hasn't been as brutally hot and we've been getting some relief from the heat. I'm so thankful this summer was rainy and over cast most of the time or it would have been a lot worse. We went to Walmart because we want to get a pillow topper for the bed. My back has been getting worse lately. It has started a new pattern I don't like. Used to be I had to get up because it would hurt and then it would get better once I was out of bed. That made sense. I would go online first thing while my back recovered then go about my morning chores. But now I wake up ok, and as soon as I'm up it starts to hurt and tighten and is hard to walk. I can't do much until around 12. What a waste of time it totally sucks. Nothing's changed so there's no reason for this new pattern. So we got the topper which is a foam cover for the mattress. Clearly we suck at shopping though as we're two absent minded NT's. We looked at them and I noticed one was Queen like our bed. Chris grabbed the one next to it and I didn't think anything of it. We pay at the register and as we put it back in the cart Chris goes, "Is this the right size?" I looked on the box and it said Full. OH NO! He said he even thought to ask me before he paid but he didn't. I was looking a the right one and since this was next to it didn't notice. So it was from the register straight to returns. He then goes, "We suck at shopping." I go, "Yeah we do. We need an S type with us." I'm glad we didn't get home and notice then, because a return trip would have sucked even more. So far I do and don't like the topper. It's hard and not what I expected. But I seem to be waking up or at least sleeping better but I'm still having pain after I get up. Because it's hard my feet are hurting again from the pressure on the heels. I don't know if we'll keep it or not yet.

I got my Amorphophallus titanum in the mail the day I recieved the jack o lanterns. More pics behind the cut.

This is how it came packaged from Poland. Very nice.

Here it is. A tuber and a sprout that looks like a white bear claw. Poor thing is white because it's been in the dark so long. But it's so cool because this is a sprout and it's bigger than my A. Konjacs were when they were this age.

And planted and placed under grow lights. Looks so tiny and bent over here. But over the days it has been standing up towards the light and starting to green up. That's excellent!

These two palm tree looking things are A. bulbifer. There's an N. truncata next to them.

Remember the wooly bear I found a while back? It pupated and turned into a Giant Leopard Moth.

Here he is newly emerged.

Was trying to show his abdomen which is the pretties part but the light in the kitchen just doesn't work on these moths I have noticed. I let him go that night.

A blury pic of him running all over my arm.

Finally a funny pic of my pigeons sitting on each other in the food dish.

I am using my LJ scrap book to post my mood themes. I have a new one now for golden eagles. They are my favorite eagles. I need to add them to my mood list and replace the ones that are still screwed up. I use that post to add them to my journal here. I wish stupid photobucket would refresh already.

Oh and the zucchini is ready for harvest. It's looking lovely! May-be I'll pick it today.

EDIT: I just made my reservation for Chichen Itza in Mexico. I will be getting to see the big pyramid of Quetzalcoal/Kukulkan!!!! So excited!! And on Halloween!!!

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