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I got my Christmas peacock and stuff

So we had the day off yesterday and one of the first things we did was go to the dump. Hehe yep Chris took me to a dump for our date. But how many people can say they wanted to go and liked it? I used to hate going because it was really gross. They had one big warehouse where you would pull in and all the garbage was in the back and it smelled terrible. I couldn't go anymore because it would make me sick. And I would give Chris plastic bags to wear on his shoes so he didn't get this shoes contaminated. There was disgusting liquid on the floor. But they've changed everything there now. Now it's open air, with big stalls to park in that make it easy for cars and giant trucks to just back in and dump stuff. And because it's open air it not longer smells. I know that sucked for the employees too. But what I have always liked about the dump is that surrounding it is all this vast lovely wetland filled with one of my favorite bird species. The sandhill cranes. Sandhill cranes aren't the pretties of cranes. They are drab brown birds with the most color being a bald red patch in the head. But it's their calls that won me over and the loyalty to their mates. You usually see them in groups of three. They lay two eggs but usually only one baby survives. So when it grows up it's the family group of the parents and their baby. Sometimes both chicks survive and and theres a group of four. Now that it's winter they are also traveling in flocks. Ok, pics behind the cut.

Trip to the dump

Here's Chris's truck. All this is new. You just toss your trash over that wall into a giant bin below. Super easy, clean and no smell. I can finally do this myself. I really need to get my car fixed.

Toss that trash

There goes a bag.

Sandhill Cranes everywhere

In the distance there's a water tower. Here is a wetland and look at all the cranes. In the background near the tower there's even more. And some crows in the foreground. I LOVE Sandhill cranes.

Flock os sandhill cranes

I zoomed in on the first half of the group.

Sandhill cranes and crows

Close up of the other half and some crows.

Wetland view at dump

View from the covered area.

Budgie Feather stuck to truck

After that Chris noticed this pretty blue/green budgie feather stuck to the bed of his truck. We drove pretty fast but the feather was glued. It was so cute and funny I had to get a pic. Budgie feathers and budgie seeds fine their way into everything around our house.

Then we went to the post office and I got most of my stuff mailed off. kabuldur, xyndarella, suzidragonlady I mailed off your cards and gifts. Suzi, your will come in two parts because the card didn't fit in the gift box. Almost everything went to Australia and I mailed stuff off to some of my youtube friends too. No need to mention them since they aren't here. I've updated my Christmas list so I still have some people to cross off.

Remember how I said I wanted that LED Peacock that's getting hard to find? We checked two walgreens and they didn't have it. Chris called one and in New Tampa and they had it. They lady held it for us and we went to pic it up. It was the last one and I was so happy.

LED Christmas peacock

Here he is put together. We still have to twisty tie his tail closer together. He's lovely. He's for both indoor or outdoor. He was going to go outside but after seeing how pretty he is no way. I don't want him to fade in the sun or get all mildewy in the rain.

LED Chrismas peacock head

He has this beautiful blue fabric that's just to pretty to let it get ruined by the elements. It feels neat. When I saw the box I thought it was blue screen but it's not I don't know what it is but it's nice. What a cute face. And he has two lights for a crest.

LED Christmas peacock from front

Too bad this came out blurry. I'm going to have to take some night pics of him. If I find a second one maybe discounted for after Christmas I would like to to get it for outdoor display. I do want a Christmas display for outdoors, but we don't have anything. I've almost got everything I want for indoors. It's the outdoor stuff we're still building up.

Then we got home and gamed the rest of the day. I watched him play Far Cry 3. I like watching him take over strongholds. I love it when animals get into the camps and kill the enemies for him. One of the funniest things was a bear got in and took everyone out. He was super tough and mean and Chris beat the level without killing anyone himself. He just had to kill the bear afterwards. It was laughing so hard.

I played Sims a little but didn't get too far with it. Now that it's fall in my names my plants have gone dormant and Gilligan wants me to grow veggies for him. How can I do that? Cheezey, is there a way to install a greenhouse in my house so I can grow plants year round? I seem to remember seeing an igloo shaped one but don't know where that as.

Well I hope I can get some art done today. I need to finish inking Caroline and I want to draw up the desings for how we'd like our guns custom painted.
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