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Art commission price list

This will be my permanent public list for my commissions prices. I can draw, people and animals. I'm not so good at drawing vehicles. If you want me to draw your favorite cartoon character or personal character I will be happy to do so. I am a slow artist so expect me to take a few days to several weeks depending on the complexity of your piece. Be sure to give me a detailed description of what you want. The more the better. If you have references or photos that would help even more. No adult or rated X stuff. I have nothing against drawing violence or gore though.

Pencil Drawings $10

One character. +$5 for each additional character

Digital Inked Drawings $15

Single character. +$7 for each additional character

Colored drawing. Flat colors black lines solid background. $20

Single Character. +$10 for each additional character

Colored & shaded character with a white or solid color background. Colored lines. $30

One character. +$15 each additional character

Full color character with background $60

One character. +$20 each additional character

Budgie Gourds $15 each

Budgie Gourds sides

I take paypal. For those of you in the United States I can also take check or money order if you have my address and you know me. These are digital commissions. I will send you the full size large file and a smaller file both print quality to your email. For pencil drawings I shall send you a scanned high quality copy of your drawing. Contact me: draconisthanatos at yahoo dot com

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