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New fish, eggs and stuff

July is off to a great start. I've made it into the top 100 contributors on Petco's site. My next goal is top 50 and eventually the highest rank which is top 10. I'll keep making reviews. I prefer to review good products of course but I'll warn people if I buy something that's bad. Here is my review profile. You can see everything I've reviewed so far. They haven't approved my one on the Algefix yet which is odd. I need to do one on the air pumps next and possibly the igloos for rodents that I actually use for my snake. I think my reviews are neat not only because they are logical and informative but I try to include a photo or video with each one so people see how I'm using the product. There are a few I didn't use it for like some of the medicines, but from now on I'll try to have at least a picture with each one.

Here are all the eggs I've collected so far. I would have had another one but it was broken and Cheeper ate it before I could take it away from her. ARG, I'm worried now. I hope she won't be an egg eater and destroy the eggs before I can get to them. There were two eggs which means both her and Henrietta are now producing eggs. They are finally eating the adult food but I can tell they don't like it. It doesn't vanish like the grower/finisher food used to.

Here's the side view. This is what I mean by they don' fill out the whole egg space. These cartons have two lids and the first one holds the egg in an egg shape. I hope they'll eventually make full sized eggs.

I'm using my camera as much as I can because I think it will sell. I have 8 viewers on it last time I looked. There's one day left on the auction. I hope people will fight over it and drive up the price. But Chris said regardless if it sells or not he'll buy my the other camera anyway. It's on sale at Wal-Mart. That's awesome. If that happens he can have the Nikon and take it on jobs with him since he likes to take pictures of his work. So either way it will be good. I can't wait.

I had a delicious meal at Outback today. They had a special for steak and crab. I didn't think the crab would be good because it was a steak place WOW! It was better than the steak. It was delicous! I didn't even eat the steak. Chris can have it. I like the steaks from Longhorn better. Never have liked them at Outback except for the Melbourn which is the biggest most expensive one. YUM!

After that we went to Petsmart and I got four goldfish for the pond. I hope these will be ok. The white one has ripped fins but I got him because he was pretty and perhaps I can fix him up. They're in the pond now. I hope they'll be ok in a new place for their first night.

Fish in a bag. These are my biggest goldfish yet. I got the bigger ones because I thought they might do better in a pond. My tiny ones are aquarium fish. Oh I also go another tribble that went in the pond. My first tribble in the Molly tank seems to be recovering.

I love those red and white ones! One is orange and the last one is red with only a little white. I wanted an all red one but they didn't have any. Let's hope none of them change colors on me. I didn't buy any black ones because black ones won't show up in the black pond. I wanted visible fish.

Lastly, this is the cute stuff Chris got me yesterday at the dollar store. More bouncy balls for my collection and a stuffed whale. Tomorrow when the sun is out I may try to take some macro shots of my favorite bouncy balls. I want to try to capture their true colors.

EDIT: LJ is doing something stupid now. When I type in the tags on a new post it would give you the first tag that I've writen in alphabetical order. So if I type in "fi" it will fill in the word "fish". If that's not the word I want I keep typing until it does fill it in. But now it doesn't fill words in and it says "error" on the bottom. But if I edit the post it works. So until they fix that I'll have to tag my posts after I make them. Sigh.
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